The £100 ASOS Challenge

The £100 ASOS Challenge

ASOS Top with Sweetheart Peplum, £22 (HERE)

TFNC Sequin Leggings, £39 (HERE)

ASOS Shine Patent Pointed Court Shoe, £13 (HERE)

ASOS Panelled Chain Bag, £16 (HERE)

ASOS Shard Articulated Necklace, £10 (HERE)

Grand Total = £100

The lovelies Katie and Jenny from The Discount Coder Blog are giving away a £100 ASOS Voucher to the blogger who comes up with the best outfit for £100 or less from the ASOS website (no student discounts or ASOS Discount codes allowed). Head over to their website (here) for more details!

After seeing posts about this challenge everywhere I decided to have a go at it myself. ASOS is one of my favourite shops and I already have endless lists of things I want to buy there, so putting this together was easy-peasy, I just had to look at my ‘Save For Later’ section.

Now onto my actual choices, you may be thinking ‘boring‘, but I just love how classy this looks with a hint of sparkle here and there and a bit of silver jewellery to brighten the whole thing up. And hey, you can’t go wrong with black! :)

The peplum top couldn’t be more en vogue right now and it’s so flattering. I chose this particular top because I like the modest flare (not too wide) and the sweetheart neckline adds a little sexiness to the outfit. The sequin leggings are just to die for! They are my favourite piece of this outfit. I kept the bag and the shoes plain black and added the silver shard necklace to brighten up the top half. I can see myself going for a metallic silver smokey eye and pale lips with this outfit. Or even a winged eyeliner and red lips.

I’m so proud of myself for being bang on budget! I honestly did not plan this, it just so happened everything I wanted fell into place. Coincidence or fate? :)

What do you guys think of my little ensemble? Have you styled your outfit? Leave your links below so I can have a little nosey at yours!

Au revoir!


  • Renji

    luvly creation :) luvd everything from ur creation :)
    Check out mine too :) Hope you will like it….

  • Thank you :) I’ll check yours out! xx

  • Renji

    Hii..I love ur blog soo much…I tried to take header for the contest from you..sorry about that…Can u check once more…I have changed it :) Hope you forgive me..:) I love love your blog…. ur designs….and the way you have coordinated everything…I never meant to copy from you…If you see the
    The Discount Coder Blog, its just the same explanation about the yours…Sorry if u felt, I tried replicating urs…Truly sorry:( Dnt hate me and my blog.. I am a true follower of urs….one who read ur blog always…

  • It’s ok sweetie, it’s not a problem at all. I’m flattered that you took inspiration from me, but because you didn’t change much of my content it would have been nice to have some sort of acknowledgement or link back, otherwise your viewers will just think you wrote all that, which is not fair to them and not fair to me :)

    I don’t hate your blog or you, I just felt I had to let you know because other people may not be as forgiving :)

    Thank you for following and reading my blog. It means a lot!


  • Renji

    well, If you check now..You can see a completely different post in my blog.. :) Sorry for taking so much of ur time :(

  • No problems! Sorry if I sounded bitchy, it wasn’t my intention. xx

  • jadeglasper90

    Oh love the outfit choice!
    Just followed your blog too its great :)

  • jadeglasper90

    Oh love the outfit choice!
    Just followed your blog too its great :)

  • Thank you! I really appreciate it :) x

  • k_mcx

    Came across your blog the other day and I love it! Love your outfit, good luck in the competition :)!

    Kristen xx