Today’s Hair: Effortless French Plait

Today's Hair: Super Messy French Plait

The title of this post is pretty much self-explanatory :) Today I’m sporting this little messy plait look, which super effortless and convenient as I’m having a lazy day snuggled up in the sofa watching Friends for the 100th time. I got so addicted to watching Wimbledon the last couple of weeks and now that it’s over I need something else to replace it. Can’t wait for the Olympics to start!

What are you guys up to today? Anything fun? Let me know :)

Au revoir!


  • This looks so beautiful. Can you please do a tutorial on this? Pretty please with sugar on top? :) xoxo

  • Thank you, Christine! I’ll plan a tutorial on this hairstyle. It’s super easy :) I’ll post close-ups of the makeup later on today :) xx

  • mariah

    Do you have a teeth whitening routine? Your teeth are SUPER WHITE!

  • Thank you! I don’t really do anything major, just try to clean my teeth after meals and use the general whitening and brightening toothpastes you can find in any drugstore :) xx

  • Meenakshi Panchapakesan

    I was checking out the the eyeliner post and was wondering how they’d look from the front..and this was below are wearing the double eyeliner in the pictures right?!! they look going to try this for sure…

  • Thank you so much <3 I can't wait, I love your tutorials :)

  • Yes, I am :) I love this look :) Let me know if you try this! xx