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I normally upload a new video on Sunday, but this week I’ve been a bit off schedule – sorry! My last video went live a couple of days ago and I didn’t see the point of putting up another new video so soon. I also didn’t quite fancy blogging about beauty today, so I decided to write a list of my current top 10 blogs about beauty, fashion & lifestyle and share with you! I figured this would come in handy when you’re lounging around looking for something good to read. The one thing you’ll notice about this list, is that these blogs all have one thing in common: GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY! That’s super important to me when it comes to blogs. In no particular order, here are my Top 10 Blogs about Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle:

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Maskcara


The first thing that drew me to Cara’s blog was the clever name of her blog – I love little things like that and I followed immediately. Then, this is what made her blog one of my favourites: Makeover Mondays. She is so talented as a makeup artist and she manages to transform beautiful women into breathtaking goddesses! Cara’s blog also has lots of useful tips & tricks and her big, sharp and crystal clear images inspire me to take better pictures. I want whatever magic lighting she uses for her photos! :)

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Amy Antoinette

Amy Antoinette

I’ve spoken about Amy’s blog before here, but I never get tired of having it on my favourites list. Amy is the lovely mum of Henry and wife of Matt. She’s beautiful, intelligent and so eloquent that after reading her blog I feel like I need to dust off the grammar books and polish up my English. Amy blogs about beauty, fashion & lifestyle, with the latter being the current focus of her blog. Her little boy Henry is only 6 months old, and although I’m not a mum yet, I love reading Amy’s mummy tips and reviews of baby-related stuff. What can I say, I love a good mummy blog and Amy’s is one of the best out there!

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Hello October

Hello October

I met Suzie at the Cosmo Blog Awards party last year and I have to say she’s even prettier and friendlier in person! Suzie’s blog is the perfect mix of beauty, fashion & lifestyle – she’s a true well-rounded blogger! Her outfits are really well put together and she has an amazing sense of style. It also helps to know that she’s super tiny like me, so I can kind of tell if something will fit me or not based on her. My favourite things about Suzie’s blog are her truly beautiful, bright and well composed photos, and her meticulously perfect winged eyeliner… every single time. I really can’t get enough of her blog!

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal Beauty

Even though we haven’t actually met in person yet, Kaushal is one of the loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure to ‘meet’ through blogging, and we happen to be pretty similar in a fair few things: skin tone, eye colour, hair colour and we also share the same passion for smokey eye looks and a well-defined brow! The main focus of her blog is beauty and her reviews are so good that I end up buying everything she recommends. She has the prettiest smile, lots of product tips & tricks to share and her lipstick collection puts mine to shame. Kaushal’s blog is really well written, lighthearted and packed full of amazing content, which is updated several times a week.

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Rebecca runs one of the cleverest and most informative beauty blogs I’ve come across so far. She shares some amazing blogging tips, and I always turn to her blog for inspiration when I feel like I’m loosing my blogging-mojo. You’ll find advice posts on the trials and tribulations of blogging, useful general information on beauty products that no one else bothers to write about, super handy guides on the practical and tech sides of blogging, and of course, her #BeautyBloggerProblems series has me in fits of laughter. Her blog is a ‘must-bookmark’ for any beauty blogger out there!

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Fashionismo


Thereza is a Brazilian blogger and her blog is all written in portuguese, but I truly love her blog and I had to let you know about it, even though most of you reading this are not portuguese speakers – hey, there’s always Google Translate, right? Thereza’s blog is what I call an info-gossip site. It’s not like your usual celebrity gossip website; she talks about what we really want to know. Outfits, makeup and the details of what they are and where to get them! She’s also the first person to let me know about celebrity happenings, like Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys getting married, which by the way, absolutely crushed my teenage dreams! If you happen to understand a little bit of Portuguese, you’re in for a treat. She writes like you’re talking to your best friends – hilariously honest with a pinch of sarcasm!

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Belles Boutique

Belles Boutique

I’ve been a fan of Laura’s blog for a really long time, and hers was one of the first blogs I found when I got into reading blogs. Laura’s reviews are amazing! She adds all the important points about the products she reviews and her close-up swatches are very very useful. Laura is expecting her first son, and the addition of her pregnancy-related blog posts and videos have been an absolutely delight to read and watch. Her little bump is growing fast and she is looking so glowy and effortlessly beautiful! We’ve met a few times at events in London and she’s always so lovely and sweet, which definitely comes across on her blog. Whenever a new post from Laura pops in on my Bloglovin feed, I have to immediately read them, especially if it’s anything to do with her pregnancy because I’m nosey like that!

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Liana Beauty

Liana Beauty

Amelia is currently one of the top UK beauty bloggers, and rightfully so. You probably all follow her already, but I have to share the love anyway because I really like her blog. First of all, she’s my first stop for reviews of high-end products. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to anything luxurious, chances are Amelia has already reviewed it, so check her blog before you make the investment. Her reviews are really thorough, super informative and refreshingly honest. She’s a true shopaholic like me, and she has amazing long luscious hair. If that’s not enough to convince you, she has the cutest dog; I think that seals the deal! :)

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle In The Frow

In The Frow

I discovered Victoria’s blog a few months ago and I got completely hooked! She has pink hair, an amazing body and an incredible fashion sense. To top it all off, she’s a fashion doctorate graduate and a fashion lecturer – not just a pretty face! Victoria can basically make every single outfit look good. Although we are so different looks-wise and I can’t pull off many of the things she wears, I just love looking through her outfit pictures and she often inspires me to wear things out of my comfort zone. I love the clever name of her blog (In The Frow = F-Row / Front Row) and I think her dark red berry lips looks are stunning!

Top 10 Blogs Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Couture Girl

Couture Girl

Kayleigh blogs about beauty and fashion, and the first thing I noticed about her blog was that she has one of the best photography around the beauty blogosphere! So clear, sharp, bright, well-lit and well composed. But her blog is not only a collection of pretty pictures, her content is also very good. Kayleigh’s posts are long, but not rambly, and I love that! She is super thorough and informative. I know some people like concise blog posts with 1 photo and 1 paragraph, but I’m more drawn to blogs like Kayleigh’s with more than 5 paragraphs and no shortage of photos on each post! Her blog is always a pleasure to read and very aesthetically pleasing!

So there you have my current Top 10 Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs! I hope you found some new blogs to follow and if you already follow some or all of these lovely ladies, let me know! Also, leave your favourite bloggers on the comments below so I can discover new amazing blogs as well :)

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