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Tutorial Everyday Makeup Routine

Long time, no tutorial! So I wanted to do an Everyday Makeup Tutorial because I haven’t done one yet, but you know what happens when I haven’t done a tutorial in a long time – I ramble! Oh dear… you’ve been warned. I guess I was feeling very introspective about the role makeup has played in my life throughout the years, and whilst showing you what I’ve been putting on my face on daily basis over the past few months, I also took you through my journey with makeup and how I hadn’t owned a single foundation until I was 24… amongst other things.


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The makeup I’m wearing on this video is extremely simple and totally realistic – this is exactly what I would wear on a normal day. It’s a lot less than what you see on some of my other makeup tutorials, but to be honest, I really dislike the feeling that can’t scratch my eye or touch my face on daily basis, so this makeup look is the perfect everyday makeup for me . Of course I still like to get all glammed up for evenings out, parties, and occasionally for the daytime, but that is definitely not the case if I’m just popping into Tesco or going to a friend’s house for a chinwag!

Tutorial Everyday Makeup Routine 2

I know this is a ridiculously long video, but part of my ‘new beginning’ resolution with my blog, is to worry less about what people may think and just have fun making videos and writing blog posts, which is exactly what happened on this video! I really enjoyed myself filming it and I did talk a lot throughout the video, but oh well. Even if you don’t make it to the end, I hope you enjoy it a little bit – I know I did. :)

On a side note, I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone that nominated me for this year’s Cosmo Blog Awards! I was out and about with my mum in town when I started getting lots of tweets letting me know I’d been shortlisted in the ‘Best Established Beauty Blog’ category. It was such a lovely surprise as I really didn’t think I had done enough blogging this year to get shortlisted, and the fact that you took some precious time off your busy lives to nominate me, really does mean a lot to me! Thank you ever so much :) Now, if you think I deserve to win, you can vote for me by clicking HERE. You can find my blog ‘Le Beauty Girl‘ under the ‘Best Established Beauty Blog‘ category, which is the first category on the voting page. Thank you so much!



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