Hair Update 2014: From Ombre to Brown Hair

Hair Update 2014 From Ombre to Brown Hair

I had the itch to change my hair… again! You may have seen a little picture on my Instagram earlier this week about my transition from ombre to brown hair, but here’s the full story: basically, I wasn’t too happy with how my ombre hair looked anymore – my hair was looking way too damaged, when it actually wasn’t, and I just wanted to go back to my natural hair colour, which is a really dark brown, almost black colour. As always, I trusted my lovely hairdresser Ivan with my eyes closed, and he did a brilliant job – I couldn’t be happier! :)

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Here’s my hair journey until today: I started with my natural long dark brown hair until February 2013; in April 2013 I had caramel ombre highlights put on the ends of my hair, and in September 2013 I chopped 10 inches off my hair, which left me with a medium length caramel ombre hairstyle. To kick off the new year, in March 2014 I decided to go one shade lighter, and my hair ended up way too blonde for my liking, so in April 2014 I had the colour corrected and my hair was medium-long with warm blonde highlights. And finally, the most recent update, in July 2014 I had the colour 5.1 Light Ash Brown put on my hair, mixed with a bit of medium brown to tone down the blonde highlights, so my hair is currently medium-long rich dark brown.

Hair Update 2014 From Ombre to Brown Hair

I’ve gone through a lot of chair changes over the last year, and the last time I remember fiddling this much with my hair, was when I was 16! So I’m just really looking forward to an easy hair-life, at least for a while – who know’s when I’ll get bored again! Ivan has recommended lots of products to make sure the dark brown doesn’t fade too much, especially if I go out in the sunshine, and since I’m going on holiday in a few days time (whoop! whoop!), I made sure I’m all kitted out and ready to be – and stay – a full-on brunette again! Do let me know if you’d like to see an updated haircare routine with all the new products I got to look after my dark hair.

Hair Update 2014 From Ombre to Brown Hair

As I said on the video above, once I’d gone back to my natural hair colour, I realised that it actually suits me a lot better than any other hair colour ever will. I once read somewhere that your natural hair colour is meant to be the one that suits you the most, because it was made especially for you, and I totally agree with that on me. I know that not everyone agrees with this, but I think there’s just something about my natural hair colour that really goes well with my skintone, my eyes and my personality. Does anyone else agree?

Hair Update 2014 From Ombre to Brown Hair

Here you can find some of my previous videos & blog posts, which will give you a better idea of the changes I’ve gone through with my hair over the last year and a half:

Hair Update 2014 From Ombre to Brown Hair

Do let me know what you think of my transition from ombre to brown hair, and I hope you like my new (old) hair as much as I do! :)


  • Your hair looks beautiful and very healthy, and the colour looks natural :)

    Ana X

  • Samantha Marriott

    Looks really nice, love the make up look too!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

    • Thanks, Samantha! Makeup was not planned, but it actually turned out well, I think :)

      • Samantha Marriott

        No problem :) What is the lip colour? it’s such a beautiful shade!

        • All info is at the bottom of the post; the pink one is Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick in Super Nude and the red one is Revlon Matte Balm in Standout :) x

  • loved the post Ysis….ur hair looks really nice n so does your makeup :)
    Smita | missprettypink

  • Naomi Buckley

    Looking lovely, It really suits you xx

  • Sandra Rytter Jensen

    Love the colour for you. And that top/dress with the pearls you’re wearing is beautiful! Where’s it from? x

    • Thanks, Sandra! I fell like we have similar hair colour now :) The top is from a brand called Izabel London, which I got in TKMaxx. There’s a link at the bottom of the post :) x

  • Mousumee

    Just like i said in instagram, this looks super glam on you. Which eyeliner/eye
    pencil are you using here?

  • ChristineIversen

    LOVE your hair, you look stunning :-)

    Christine, x

  • Loove your dark hair! It looks great on you :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  • Love it, you look so pretty xx


  • You are gorgeous :) love your hair!

  • Amy Cox

    I have long ombre hair and before it was in such good condition. Now the ends are always so frizzy i hate it! I’m definitely thinking of chopping the ends of and going back to my natural hair colour! xx

  • Ambi

    Everytime I visit your blog, I am more and more convinced that I should cut off my long hair… and now you’re really tempting me to get rid of my ombre too! One colour is so much less maintenance and I am becoming ever lazier with my locks..!

    Ambi xx

    Bombay Rose

  • Hey Ysis discovered your blog while looking up theBourjoise velvet mattes ( which I justbought and love). I love the brown hair on you ( the last one). The one from Sept 13 looks super cute too! Ive gone back and forth somany times with my hair but I think with our kind of complexions ( im similar to yours) our natural colour or anything close to it looks best! Anything else looks…unhealthy (on me anyway!). Anndd..I need that Revlon Balm in Standout now. super pretty:)

  • The Signorina

    Hello, What a fabulous blog! So refreshing to have someone who is super busy, but not afraid to show her girly side:

    Nice sheeny eyeshadow and gorge red lips! Christmas ideas.

    I’m also in London and manage The Signorina and work for a magazine publishing company ;)

    The Signorina xxx

  • joanna

    Hi, I also have an ombre hair style right now, and I’m looking to go back to my natural color (my natural color is a light brown, I currently have blonde ends), did you dye your whole head, or just darkened the ends? I’m looking to grow out my virgin hair till I can chop off the colored ombre, do you notice the light colored bottom hairs dyed a different color than your roots? By the way your natural hair color looks gorgeous on you