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“Things do not change – we change.” Henry David Thoreau

If you’re already a subscriber of my blog, you may be wondering what exactly has been going on over the past couple of days. I’ve been hinting on Twitter that this was about to happen, and I’m finally ready to announce the rebranding of my blogLe Beauty Girl is now Ysis Lorenna :)

Rebranding Blog New Domain Name - Ysis Lorenna

I started Le Beauty Girl back in the Summer of 2011 when I was a recent Postgraduate living in a tiny studio flat in London, mesmerised by my brand new life abroad with my lovely boyfriend, and besotted by this new world of beauty bloggers I had just discovered. We lived near the Westfield Shopping Centre in West London, and I remember it was almost second nature for me to pop in for some shopping at least 3 times a week. I couldn’t read a new beauty review without immediately ‘needing‘ that product in my life – I’m sure some of you can relate to that feeling, and I still feel like that sometimes. Beauty is, and will always be, my passion!

However, four years later a lot has changed in my world – my lovely boyfriend became my dear husband, we bought our first home together and we are expecting our first child in just over 2 months! It’s safe to say I’m not exactly the same person I was back then, and my life now is about so much more than just beauty & fashion. As I approach my thirties, I feel like these new-found roles – wife, mother, homeowner – have contributed to the broadening of my interests, and it was only natural to feel like I wanted to talk about many other things here on my blog.

Rebranding Blog New Domain Name - Ysis Lorenna

This need for a change has been on the back of my mind for well over a year. I have always known ‘Le Beauty Girl’ is grammatically incorrect, and it may not bother you when you visit my blog a couple of times a week or so, but it bothers me slightly. So I pondered, planned, changed my mind a thousand times, until I finally decided to change my blog name to something that was fundamentally memy name.

Granted, Ysis Lorenna is not the easiest name in the world to pronounce or spell, but at least it’s my own name and I like the uniqueness of it! I also think naming my blog after my name adds a lot more personality to my posts, and gives me the freedom I need to not feel ‘trapped‘ by the label of a being a beauty blogger when I want to write about something other than beauty.

I don’t think all beauty bloggers need to change their blog names to write about other topics, this is just what felt right to me. As I mentioned before, beauty will still be the main focus of my blog, but you can also expect a range of other content, such as my experiences as a new mum, reviews of places I visit, and generally all the things I love in life!

Rebranding Blog New Domain Name - Ysis Lorenna

I hope you welcome the change and continue to enjoy reading my blog! :) Now for the all the technical bits – let’s make sure you can still find me everywhere, shall we? Faye and I tried our best to make the transition as smooth as possible, but if you find that you’re not receiving my new posts for some reason, please let me know and I can fix these issues. I’ve listed all my updated social media below, in case you want to double-check that you’re following the right Ysis! :)

Any feedback you have will be much appreciated, so please leave a comment below or reach out to me on any of my social media above to tell me what you think of my new blog direction and name! :)

Remember to bookmark my new blog address, and happy browsing!


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