My Pregnancy Highlights

My Pregnancy Highlights

A few days ago, James turned 37 weeks old, so he has been out of the womb for the same amount of time that he was in the womb, as I gave birth at 37 weeks pregnant exactly. This got me reminiscing about my pregnancy and I thought now would be the perfect time to look back and share my pregnancy highlights.

My Pregnancy Highlights

1. Finding out I was pregnant

We were trying for a baby, so I had a feeling I might be pregnant before I even tested because for a few days I had an unusual craving for sweets. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive! We were so happy, but also very scared and excited at the same time! I couldn’t stop smiling, and even though the following morning I had a very important meeting to attend, I didn’t sleep a wink at night, thinking about the tiniest of lives growing inside me and about how that little piece of news would turn our worlds upside down and bring so much joy to our lives!

My Pregnancy Highlights

2. Watching my baby bump grow

When I look at pictures of my pregnancy, my baby bump is what I miss the most! I worried about stretch marks due to the rapid growth of my bump between 5 and 9 months, so I lathered up my whole body twice a day, everyday. Palmer’s Stretch Marks range has a Massage Lotion, a Spray Lotion, a Massage Cream, and my personal favourite, the Tummy Butter. It has a buttery balm consistency, which melts when rubbed onto the skin, and it leaves a very luxurious and moisturising feeling on the skin. It’s perfect for a night-time pamper on your bump, hips and thighs, which are the areas that usually grow the most, and most likely to develop stretch marks. I only ended up with a few stretch marks on my breasts, so it was either luck, genetics, proper skincare or, more likely a bit of everything.

My Pregnancy Highlights - Stretch Marks Cream

I showed off my baby bump with pride whilst documenting my journey on social media for the world to see. If you, like me, think that all pregnant women are beautiful, and that growing and nurturing a baby inside you is a marvellous miracle that should be celebrated, I invite you take part in the Palmer’s #LovelyTummies competition by sharing a picture of your lovely bump on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, for a chance of winning 1 of 2 Mother and Baby Pamper Packs worth £65, full of Palmer’s goodies to look after your skin during and after pregnancy and for your little one too! You can read all about the competition here.

My Pregnancy Highlights 4

3. Feeling the first kick

I was stroking my bump when I felt a gentle tap on my belly from the inside out. I let out a little scream, grabbed Matthew’s hand and placed it where I had felt the tap, hoping that it would happen again. Within a few seconds, we felt several more gentle pokes – they were definitely baby kicks, not gas! From that moment until the day I gave birth, the kicks were like our own private conversation. This is a moment I will never forget!

My Pregnancy Highlights 5

4. Finding out we were expecting a baby boy

‘It’s a boy!’, said the sonographer. I was beyond pleased and couldn’t wait to meet my precious little baby boy. The family was overjoyed to have another little boy to cuddle and spoil, my husband was happy to have his own mini-me, and we started making plans of family holidays with the children, going crazy over the baby blue clothes and brainstorming boys’ names. Then I got really scared when I realised I knew nothing about looking after little boys!

My Pregnancy Highlights 10

5. The last push during labour

I was saying goodbye to my baby bump and saying hello to my baby boy. That last push, filled with adrenaline, pain, fear and excitement, was over before I knew it. Had it not been for paracetamol and gas and air, it would also have been drug-free. I was in a lot of pain during the last hour of my pregnancy, so in a way I was desperate for it to end, but it was also difficult to let go, when I realised it was the end of one of the most memorable periods of my life. That last push gave me simultaneously a sense of nostalgia and relief. Holding James for the first time was so surreal and I will never forget the look he gave me with his big beady eyes when he was placed onto my chest.

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  • Claire Beautyandlechic

    Hi Ysis, I’m loving your pregnancy recap. I’m near the start of my journey, 18 weeks, so I love reading this, Your bump pictures are brilliant! I already feel really attached to mine and can’t wait for it to get really big. I’m checking out the Palmer’s competition now. Thanks girl! You and your gorgeous boy take good care.

    Claire Beauty&le Chic x

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