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Ysis | 30 | UK

Hi, I’m Ysis :) I’m Brazilian born and I live in UK with my husband. I’m a qualified lawyer, I have an MA in International Relations, but I’m a very girly girl, and as such I’m obsessed with beauty & fashion. Some of my passions and hobbies include languages, Apple products, photography, Gymnastics, TV series, shopping and any kind of learning. I would describe myself as a very happy, positive, honest and loyal person; online shopping is my arch-enemy! If you want to know a bit more about me, watch my ‘50 Random Facts About Me‘ and my ‘About Me Tag‘ videos.

FAQ About Ysis

1. How do you pronounce your name?

This is probably the question I get asked the most when I meet someone in person. My name is Ysis, and it’s pronounced like ‘disease’ without the ‘d’, so it sounds like Isease, if that makes sense. Not the best word to associate with my name, I know, but it’s the most similar pronunciation :)

2. Where are you from and what’s your ethnicity?

A lot of people ask if I’m Indian, but I was born and raised in Brazil and as far as I know I’m 100% Brazilian; one of my grandparents had relatives in Portugal, but that’s all we know. My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all born in Brazil. I know Brazil is a highly diverse country, so I may be a mix of a lot of things!

3. Where’s your accent from?

I learnt American English in school, but when I came to England I completely lost my American accent. A lot of people say I sound Welsh, which is probably right because my husband’s family is Welsh, so I guess their accents kind of rubbed of on me.

4. How old are you?

I’m 30 years old.

5. Are you on Instagram?

Oh yes, I am! I’m an Instagram addict and you can find me under @ysis

6. What did you study in University?

I studied Law and I’m a qualified Lawyer by the Brazilian Bar Association. I also have a Masters Degree in International Relations and European Politics from the University of Westminster.

7. How did you get into blogging?

I had just finished my Masters and I had A LOT of free time, so I decided to start my own blog as a creative outlet, talking about the one thing that I’ve always loved since I was a little girl: beauty!

8. What’s your favourite foundation?

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is my all-time favourite foundation, but you can find a full blog post on my Top 5 Foundations here.

9. What’s your skin tone & type?

My skin is dry and I suffer from dry patches and hyper-pigmentation. I have medium olive skin with beige undertones, and my foundation shades are: MAC NC30 (Winter) NC35 (Summer), Chanel Vitalumiere B40, YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat BD40 (winter) BD50 (Summer), Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 5.5. To find out more, watch my most recent Skincare Routine video and read about my Favourite Foundations.

10. What’s your natural hair like, and what do you ask for when you have your hair done?

My hair is naturally dark brown, kind of wavy and curly at the same time, and thick. Every 5 to 6 months I have a Brazilian Blow Dry done by my hair stylist (Ivan) to soften the waves and make it more manageable on a daily basis. My current hairstyle is medium length with caramel ombré highlights. You can see a full blog post on it HERE.

11. How tall are you?

I’m only 5 ft tall or 1.53 m. Teeny tiny! :)

12. What size clothes to you wear?

I’m normally a UK size 8, but depending on the brand, I can be a UK 6 or a UK 10.

13. What’s your shoe size?

I have very small feet. I wear a UK size 2, which is a US 4.5, European 34 or Brazilian 33. I really struggle to find size 2 heels here in the UK, so if you know of an amazing shop that sells size 2 shoes, please let me know! :) For boots, I can wear a UK size 3.

If you have any other questions, drop me an e-mail at ysislorenna@gmail.com

  • Essa Ysinha ficou muito chique!

  • Fashion Pas

    Ah, muito boa ideia ter a info sobre o tipo de pele! Assim fica mais fácil ter uma percepção dos tons de base, etc. Obrigada!

    • Obrigada :) Acho que dá para ter uma idéia melhor assim, né? :)

      • Fashion Pas

        Muito mesmo :) xo

      • Lee Garriock

        You’re stunning Ysis xx

  • mac

    im in love with you. and i love it that we have exact same skin tone. and height. and taste maybe. youre my product peg, i believe. thanks for existing <3

  • Findley

    What are your parents’ heritage? You look Indian/South Asian.

  • retno

    Hi… I am from Indonesia, and I love your blog. Your pics on your blog are very well taken. Did you take it by yourself or is there somebody helped you? If you did it by yourself, would you mind sharing how to do it? Thanks

    • Thank you! :) I take them myself with a Canon 600D. x

  • Juliana

    Oi Ysis, estou morando em UK (Coventry) há 2 meses e ficarei até novembro…estou sofrendo com meu cabelo que precisa urgente retocar a progressiva. Você poderia me dizer qual a marca da brazilian brow dry que você usa? Ainda não encontrei um salão que eu tenha coragem de deixar minha madeixas aqui :(
    Amei seu blog, entro quase todos os dias para ver as novidades. Abraço!!!

    • Oi Juliana, obrigada por acessar meu blog :) Está gostando de Coventry? :)
      Eu não tenho certeza qual é a marca da progressiva, mas o meu cabeleireiro que faz a progressiva no meu cabelo é brasileiro e mora em Londres. Se quiser perguntar a ele, posso te passar o telefone ou a página do facebook dele; ele é um amor de pessoa! :)
      Beijos e volte sempre! xx

  • Amanda

    Nossa conheci seu blog ha pouco tempo e me identifiquei muito! As blogueiras q eu acompanho smp tem pele oleosa por isso fica difícil de achar indicações de base p pele seca! Meu tom de pele eh igual ao seu oq eh melhor ainda pq posso usar sua cor de base p comprar em sites e tal. Quando eu descobri q vc era brasileira fiquei bem surpresa! Haha
    To amando seu blog !
    Beijos, Amanda

    • Oi Amanda, muito obrigada! Que bom que está gostando do blog :)

      Realmente, não têm muitas blogueiras com pele seca por aí, né? Já que temos o mesmo tom e tipo de pele, pode me indicar coisinhas boas também, viu?

      Beijão e volte sempre! :)

  • Tara Sharma

    Have some shame you fake Brazilian bitch… I hate listening to your fake british accent. You are not British, you better talk in your real accent. You behave in a way as if you are the first one in the universe to have babies. Everyone has had babies u bitch.. You we’re on Facebook giving birth updates whereas a normal, loving and sensitive mom would have enjoyed that moment. Do you think people would be really interested to know what was happening to you in the hospital. Have some self respect and do something good for your children rather than trying to earn money through your babies. You are fake from head to toe and it is utterly disgusting that people like you are still alive doing this kind of shit. Next time show your conception video live on Facebook, people would definitely find that much more interesting. And you would become an instant star because that is what you actually want.

  • Cida Feitosa

    Olá, eu gostei demais do seu blog e de seus vídeos, Amo seu sotaque e sonho em poder falar assim novamente, morei aí em Cardiff por 2 anos e nossa lembro demais desse sotaque que ainda guardo alguma coisa. Please, keep in touch!