Boots Haul: Bourjois and Collection 2000

Hello girls!

Every beauty blogger needs to keep up to date with new products and even old ones that everyone has been talking about on magazines, TV, YouTube and other blogs. Today I decided to take the advice of Fleur (FleurDeForce), one of my favourite YouTube beauty gurus, and Lisa Eldridge (Lisa Eldridge), the legendary makeup artist.

Thanks to Fleur, I bought Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.

I wanted to try something different because lately I haven’t been loving my MAC Studio Finish Concealer; I bought it for £4.19 at Boots. I’ll let you girls know what I think of it in details, but so far it seems a lot more discrete than MAC Studio Finish. We’ll see if this will make it to my June favourites!

Next, I went for another concealer recommended by Lisa Eldridge and it was the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer.

This was £7.49, slightly more expensive than the Collection 2000 one, but I bought this to do my ‘No Makeup’ makeup look, which requires a low coverage concealer that doubles as an illuminator. So far, I’m impressed! It gave me decent coverage, but you can hardly see that I have concealer on. I’ll definitely do a review about this one soon!

Last but not least, I bought something that every single beauty blogger and YouTube guru have been raving about for the past 2 months. It’s the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder, which comes in the distinctive shape of a chocolate bar and it actually smells like chocolate!

The colour is gorgeous and I’m super excited to use this during the day and see how it looks! This one costs £6.99 in Boots and I definitely recommend getting it, or eating it… That last part is a joke, of course!

Stay tunned for all the exciting things to come, such as a Makeup Academy (MUA) Review, Hair Tutorial, June Favourites, FOTD and a Winged Eyeliner Tutorial.


  • Blackmentos

    OOoo…that bronzer looks delicious! 7 pounds? That seems like a reasonable price for something that looks so interesting…loving bourjois ever since it was available here! I miss boots dearly…the last time I went was in Bangkok several years back.

    I’m not someone who can keep up to date with new products…don’t want to end up with a giant collection that goes to waste! And I need to be saving more than spending! Looking forward to the reviews!

  • adoreabubbles

    I recently bought the collection 2000 concealer in fair 1 and I can say its the best thing i have bought in so long! it matches my foundation so well that when i apply it to my dark circles and blemishes then use a stippling brush to blend it in i dont even need foundation!

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