Broadway Nails Real Life Petite

Fake nails – yes or no?

This has always been an eternal dilemma for me, and the answer has always been ‘no’… Until I found Broadway Nails Real Life – Real Short Petite in Boots a couple of weeks ago!

A long time ago I used to bite my nails, (yes, I know, shame on me!) and they looked pretty bad all the time. Somewhere along the line I stopped, for no apparent reason, and started growing them and taking good care of them, which meant that they looked quite good most of the time.

But, as I’m sure most of you know, when one of them breaks, you are faced with the dilemma: do I pretend nothing happened, and walk around with one nail shorter than others, or do I cut all of them short to look symmetrical? In my case, I always chose the first option because it takes a long time for my nails to grow back.

Anyway, that was too much background information… I saw my mum using fake nails and I was amazed at how natural they looked, and decided to give them a try.

Honestly, I was blown away! These Broadway nails are so discrete and natural that it looked almost like my real nails, just cuter and cleaner. And the best thing is, they come in different lengths and widths, to cover longer, shorter, narrower and wider nails. It comes with a pink-ish glue, a nail file and a wood cuticle pusher.

The instructions say you shouldn’t use it for more than 5 days, but I have used it for 7 days and it still looked fine.

So, if you are unsure whether to buy fake nails, definitely go for something like the Broadway Real Nails. It looks pretty and natural, and saves you the trouble of having your real nails done every week. I don’t use them all the time to give my real nails a break from the glue, but I do tend to use them when I’m going somewhere I know my nails will be exposed.

That’s it, girls! Hope you liked my little ‘review’, and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please leave your comments below!

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  • Dana Yoshimizu

    You’re not the first person to be very pleased with the Broadway nails, maybe I’ll have to finally try them for myself.

    And depending on how long all my other nails would determine if I cut them all or simply sport the one broken nail look. hahah


  • The Beauty Group™

    @Dana Definitely give them a try! Honestly, I’m not the ‘fake nail type’, and I absolutely love them!

    Hahaha… I also try and pull off the one broken nail look every so often, but if you have a meeting and your hands are pretty much on display at all times, it gets quite tricky :)


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