Face Primer: MAC Prep + Prime or Gosh Primer Cream?

What do you expect from a face primer?

For me it has to be easy to blend, leaving my skin moisturised, soft and silky. I also want it to even out any redness, giving me a uniform and matte complexion, and also, it can’t be too runny or take a long time for the skin to absorb.

I will compare my two favourite face primers, MAC Prep + Prime Skin and Gosh Velvet touch Foundation Primer Cream, and see which one ticks more boxes to declare it ‘the winner’!

First of all, MAC Prep + Prime costs £18 and Gosh Primer Cream costs £12.99. Honestly, none of them are cheap, but I’ll give 1 point for Gosh for being slightly cheaper and also easier to buy because it’s sold in most drugstores.

In terms of smell, they are both very plain, but Gosh has a slightly stronger smell, so 1 point for MAC!

For texture, I’ll give 1 point for Gosh because it is much thicker in consistency, which feels a lot more like a moisturiser and the skin absorbs it quicker.

MAC Prep + Prime is slightly runny, a bit like a mousse, and I think I would much prefer if it was thicker as Gosh’s.

For daily use, I’ll give 1 point to Gosh because it’s easier to blend, it makes my skin feel amazingly silky, moisturised and uniform. The result is a very matte skin complexion, which is perfect for a natural everyday look!

For evening or special events makeup, MAC gets 1 point because the primer actually has a bit of shimmer to it, which makes my skin look bright and glowy, without looking oily or greasy. However, I don’t like using MAC’s primer on a daily basis because the shimmer is a little bit too much for a simple everyday look.

In terms of coverage, none of them actually cover the redness on my face, and even though MAC states that their primer actually has special-effect silicones (whatever that means!), I think Gosh’s primer gives my skin more elasticity, reducing considerably the fine lines on my face. So, another point for Gosh on this one.

Last, but not least, in terms of holding my makeup in place, I’ll definitely give 1 point for MAC! Not to say that Gosh’s primer isn’t good in this aspect, but I found that my makeup stayed perfect for a lot longer with MAC’s primer.

So, the winner is GOSH! But I guess I would recommend both Primers for different occasions.

For everyday use, go for Gosh Primer Cream; it’s cheaper, and you will get a more natural and moisturised face. For parties or just going out in the evening, go for MAC Prep + Prime; your makeup will stay in place a lot longer and your skin will have a perfect Hollywood glow!

I hope this helped some of you! Please leave me a comment below with your questions, suggestions, or just saying what’s your favourite face primer!

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  • Ylle Carolinne

    Eu amo meu Primer da MAC e super recomendo!Mas realmente pro dia a dia ele deixa a pele meio “brilhosinha”, como eu só uso maquiagem pra sair mesmo acaba que isso não é um problema, mas queria testar o Gosh Primer Cream pra ver se supera o meu queridinho da MAC!
    Amei a review…1 point for you!

  • The Beauty Group™

    @Ylle Eu também, sis! Mas preferia que não tivesse o gliter… achei meio desnecessário!

    O Gosh é mto bom, dá pra usar como hidratante diário já que você não usa maquiagem diariamente! Vou botar na lista das coisas pra comprar e te dar quando nos virmos!!

    1 ponto pra você por comentar e dar RT! hehehe


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