Haul: MAC, Urban Decay and Superdrug

Hello girls!

If you follow me on twitter you will have seen that I went shopping today in the Westfield, and as the good shopaholic I am, I brought home lots of good things that I’ve been meaning to buy for a long time!

Let me take you through my shopping trip.

First stop: Superdrug

Drugstore-wise, I normally prefer Boots over Superdrug, just because I know where everything is in Boots and I have always lived near a Boots shop, but today I went to Superdrug instead, and bought a few things.

1. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – Light glow £7.70

I’m not much of a tanning person, and I was very sceptical when Sarah (SWalkerMakeup) said this was quite good. The one thing that caught my attention was when she said that it covered freckles, veins and skin imperfections, and if any of you know me personally you know that I have a few small scars from my years of being a gymnast and falling down hard on my legs and knees.

So I thought I’d try this and see if it covers some of my scars. I got it in light glow because I don’t want to use it as a tanning product, just as a cover up for skin imperfections, but I haven’t tried it yet, and I’ll do a review on it very soon.

I’m excited to tell you girls if it worked!

2. Vaseline Lip Therapy – Rosy £2.03

I actually wanted to buy the one on the pot, rather than the stick, but it was out of stock :(

I know it’s a very common, cheap everyday product, but I do get very dry lips and it makes my lipstick look a little bit weird on my lips when they are all flaky, so I though I’d buy something to make them smoother.

I also saw this in Ruth’s (AModelRecommends) YouTube video on great budget products.

3. Broadway Nails Real Life – Real Short – Petites £7.65

This has been one of the best things I found recently, but it has been around for ages.

I’ll do a review on it as well because I really think it’s a great product and I’ve never liked fake nails until I found this!

It’s just so natural, discrete and elegant, especially if you have small hands and narrow nails like me, it fits perfectly on my nails and it doesn’t look fake at all!

4. Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan – Light Matte £4.12

This was for my boyfriend, because he has really fair skin, so I got him this to get him ready for summer! :)

So far, he likes how it looks, but he didn’t like the smell. It looks very dark when you squirt a bit of the product on your hand, but it blends well on the skin and it just gives pale people a bit more of a glow!

If you have fair skin and are looking for a face and body tan that isn’t too dark or orange, this is quite good, and not too expensive either!

It washes off, so it’s not a gradual tanning product.

Second stop: Debenhams

1. Naked Palette by Urban Decay £32

I finally bought what I’ve been meaning to buy for over a month: Urban Decay’s Naked Palette!

I won’t say anymore about it until I actually try all the eyeshadows, but the shades are even more amazing in person than on a computer screen. I’m sure I’ll use this so much, for everything!

If you still haven’t bought yours, Debenhams in the Westfield still had about 10 of them left!

I was going to buy the Urban Bride kit as well for £25, but I didn’t want to splash anymore money than I had planned for today. The lady selling it told me that Urban Bride is a limited edition product and it will finish by the end of the month, so if you want one, hurry!

Last stop: MAC (Oh my dear bank account!)

1. Sheertone Blush in Peaches £17

I have another MAC blush on the colour Coppertone, but recently I’m into using this one as more of a bronzer to contour my face, and I wanted something a bit more summery for the cheeks.

This colour is so pretty! It gives you just the right amount of colour on your face to look healthy and glowy! It has a matte finish, so it looks quite elegant as well.

I’ll post some photos of it when I try it properly, but I’m already loving it! :)

2. Paint Pot Constructivist £13.50

This has been on my wishlist for the longest time.  I’ll try to do a makeup using it tomorrow and post it here for you girls to see how pretty it looks.

It’s a lovely dark brown colour with bits of gold shimmer in it. Great to put all over the lid when you are going for a smokey eye look or any other look with brown eyeshadows. Once you put it all over the lid and start applying your eyeshadows on top of it, it just makes the colours pop and you can immediately see a huge difference!

So, definitely buy this. I think it’s one of those colours that you’ll always reach for when doing your makeup!

3. Brush Cleanser £8.50

This may not be a very exciting product because it’s only purpose is to clean our precious makeup brushes, but I’ve never bought it before and always washed my brushes with conditioner or shampoo.

I’m very happy I bought it because it makes such a difference to the way your brushes look and they dry so quickly using the technique I learned from Tiffany (MakeupByTiffanyD), which I will be showing your girls on the next post!

So that’s the end of my ‘little’ shopping trip to the Westfield today!

If you have other suggestions of things to buy, or any comments or questions, please leave a comment bellow and don’t forget to subscribe!


  • Ylle Carolinne

    Aiiiinnn sispa ameei as comprinhass!Vc se tornando um expert no mundo das makes!
    Oe eu mais amei foi a palleta de sombras da Urban Decay, linda demaisss!
    Também quero ver como fica o potinho marrom pra esfumaçar, vc tem que tirar foto depois de usra tudo pra gente ver, não só falar que ficou legal.
    Se esse “Airbrush legs” cobrir suas marcas cobre tudo…heheheheheh
    E pense na possibilidade de fazer tutoriais, é muito legal pra divulgar!
    To orgulhosinhaa!

  • The Beauty Group™

    @Ylle Carolinne Queria que a sispa tivesse ido comigo! É tão chato fazer compras sozinha… :((

    A paleta é lindaaaa… preciso te dar uma pq é super multifuncional!

    Vou tentar fazer tutoriais e tirar fotos também! Pri disse a mesma coisa… mas eu sou tímida! hehe

    Ainda tô testando o airbrush… mas por enquanto tô gostando!! :)

    Beijo e continue me visitando, baby!

  • Ina

    Pri! Jogue a vergonha de lado! O segredo do sucesso é tornar o seu blog a sua cara, as pessoas poderem além de tudo aprender! E a gente (Eu e Carol) sabemos que você super sabe se maquiar então divida com seus followers seu talento!;D
    Além do que tutorial não tem idioma! Todos entendem imagens!Beeeijos!!
    Quero essas compras pra mim! Hahaha!

  • The Beauty Group™

    @Ylle e @Ina segui o conselho de vocês e fiz um tutorial de maquiagem para postar amanhã!! Como não tenho câmera, só a do iphone, tive que tirar fotos da webcam do meu Macbook, aí a qualidade não ficou tão boa… mas, acho que dá pra ver!

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