How to clean your makeup brushes? Special technique!

Hey girls!Today I’ll be sharing with you a special technique to clean your makeup brushes that I learned from the amazing Tiffany (MakeupByTiffanyD) on YouTube with MAC Brush Cleanser.I went to MAC yesterday and picked up a 235ml bottle of their Brush Cleanser for £8.50. It’s quite a big bottle, but as I’m probably going to be using it 2 or 3 times a week to keep my brushes clean and soft, I thought it was a bit expensive. But I bought it anyway and gave it my first try today, based on what I learned from Tiffany.

On the back of the bottle it tells you to apply the cleanser to a damp brush, work through it and rinse well, leaving it flat to dry. Forget that!! Tiffany’s method is much better and it worked brilliantly.

So what you will basically need in order to clean your brushes is:

  • a tissue (kitchen towel or toilet paper is fine as well if you don’t have a tissue)
  • MAC brush cleanser
  • your dirty brush

I’ll take you through the steps to get your dirty little brushes looking as good as new!

(Please forgive the quality of my photos. I need to buy a decent camera to take better quality photos).

Step 1: pick the brush you want to clean

Step 2: grab a paper tissue and fold it in half

You can use the other sides of the tissue to clean other brushes.

Step 3: pour a drop of MAC Brush Cleanser in the middle of the folded tissue.

Step 4: gently swirl you brush on the wet part of the tissue, using circular, up and down, left and right movements until your brush is clean.

If the side of the tissue you are using gets too dirty, just use one of the other sides. There’s no need to pour any more cleanser on the tissue.

And that’s it, really! The brushes dry almost instantly, as opposed to washing them with conditioner or shampoo, or doing it as it says on the bottle. No more waiting overnight for your brushes to dry!

Let’s all give a big thanks to Tiffany for sharing this precious secret with us.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on how to clean your brushes, please leave me a comment bellow!


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