Redherring Lip Gloss Barrel: A Great Bargain!

Hey girls!

Remember when I told you to take advantage of Debenhams sale?

Well, I did! I don’t know how I managed to contain myself but I only bought one thing, which I’ll share with you lovely ladies in case you want to grab one of these for yourselves.

I bought the Redherring Lip Gloss Barrel for £4.20. It comes with 10 different colours of lip gloss in a lovely round-shaped plastic box. Although my first impression was that they all look ‘sort of’ the same when you put them on your lips, after taking the time to swatch them and put them on properly, I noticed that they are all quite different.

The texture is very soft, it feels smooth applying them on your lips and even with the glittery ones it doesn’t feel grainy at all. The colours range from a transparent shade with glitter to a deep red; there are lots of pretty pink and champagne shades, with and without glitter, but I think I would’ve preferred if they had less natural colours and more brighter colours so that I could have more fun playing around with an exciting colour everyday!

They don’t come with names, but I took the liberty of giving them my own names to make it easier to categorise them.

My favourite ones are definitely transparent glitter and pink gold glitter! I have been using them quite a lot and I think they look really pretty; the one I have on the photo is the adorable pink gold glitter.

I’m very happy with my little bargain! I honestly think you don’t need to have a full collection of ridiculously expensive lip glosses in order to look fabulous; you can play around with cheaper stuff and still make your lips look amazing! As long as they don’t actually damage your lips, there’s nothing wrong with using cheap lip gloss, or any lip products for that matter.

If you’re not in the UK, you can Google ‘Redherring Lip Barrel’ and see if they are selling them where you live. I definitely recommend buying it if you don’t want to invest in lots of expensive lip glosses just to have all the basic shades, or if you just want a good wide range of lip gloss colours to mix and match with your lipsticks and similar sort of things.

I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you very soon!

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