Revlon’s Hollywood Mirror

Today’s post is about something I have been looking to buy for a while now.

I’ve always struggled to find the ‘perfect’ lighting set-up to put on makeup at home, so what happens is, sometimes I think I’ve got enough makeup on, but I don’t, and sometimes I put on a little bit too much thinking I haven’t got enough on. My silly little light bulbs can be very deceiving…

Because I don’t do YouTube videos, I don’t think it’s worth investing in proper studio lights, just to do my everyday makeup.

So, when I was watching one of Fleur’s (FleurDeForce) videos on YouTube, she was showing her recording equipment and lighting arrangements, and I caught a glimpse of her makeup mirror, which was just a normal double sided mirror, but the frame lit up. Of course, I thought ‘That’s exactly what I need!”.

She said she had bought it in Argos, so I went to the Argos website and I found the exact same mirror… but I didn’t love the price. :( It cost £39.85, and I just wasn’t ready to spend that much money on a mirror!

But, guess what? I found another Revlon mirror in Argos, slightly smaller, which I kind of like because I can take it with me when I travel, and it looked absolutely fabulous, for half the price!

It is the Hollywood Mirror by Revlon for £19.99 in Argos!

How cute is that mirror!? It has 4 light bulbs around it and the frame is made of acrylic, but it looks like it’s made of glass, which gives it an expensive look. It is mains operated, which I thought was quite nice because you’re guaranteed not to run out of batteries in the middle of applying your makeup. However, I wish it had the option of using it both plugged in or with batteries, for when I don’t have a plug near me.

It folds flat for easy storage and travelling, and it has 2 deep storage compartments on the back to put bits and bobs, such as hair clips, earrings, etc.

The lights are quite bright, but still very natural on your skin, and if you want it to be brighter, you can easily remove the little plastic covers on top of the light bulbs. I, particularly, like the intensity of the lights as it is. I used it last night, with all the lights in my house turned off, and I was very happy with the brightness!

It has a magnifying side which I use when I’m plucking my eyebrows, because I can see it very up close, but I prefer the other normal side for applying makeup.

So, these are my views on the Hollywood Mirror by Revlon! I’m very happy with it so far, and I’d recommend buying it if you’re looking for something relatively cheap, that you can use on its own to apply your makeup, pluck your eyebrows and other things, and that you can easily pack up in your suitcase for travelling, as well.

I don’t think Argos is doing any deals on this product, but check on the website before buying!


  • Ina

    Tá virando profissa! Até espelho de maquiagem! Agora só tá faltando um tutorial! Hahahah!
    Sua cara espelhos com luzes viu!;D

  • The Beauty Group™

    @Ina Diga aí, pri!! O espelhinho é mara porque aí eu não dependo mais de uma mesinha de maquiagem, nem nada! E nem foi tão caro assim… Achei um bom investimento!

    Vá olhando os produtos que você vai escolher meu giveaway de junho… Quem sabe você não é a primeira a ganhar algo?!!

    Você quer tutorial de quê?


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