BARGAIN: Stylish House of Fraser Sunglasses

Bonjour, girlies!

Check out this great bargain I got from House of Fraser the other day.

These fabulous sunglasses look so expensive and glamourous, but only cost me £14! I couldn’t believe my eyes when the lady serving me told me the price, and I had to buy them before the woman shopping next to me decided she fancied these beauties more than me.

I already own a good quality pair of sunglasses, which are a must-have for me, and I did  invest quite a bit of money on them because they will last forever, but I’m definitely getting a lot of use from these new ones. Because they are so inexpensive I don’t worry too much about scratches on the lenses or accidentally dropping them on the floor, but they are also stylish and comfortable.

The other day I had these sunnies on, and someone even told me I looked like “that girl from the Pussycat Dolls“, meaning Nicole Scherzinger, which was definitely incredibly pleasing to hear because she is gorgeous, right?!

I definitely recommend having a spare pair of sunglasses, just in case, and if you can find ones that look pretty and are a real bargain, like I did, don’t even think twice!

What do you think of my sunnies? Let me know on a comment below :)


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