Boudoir Privé: Last Chance

Hey guys!

This friday Boudoir Privé will launch their website which will allow anyone to sign up for a box filled with deluxe-size samples of luxury makeup brands for £10 a month!

If you haven’t heard about Boudoir Privé, it is basically the same as the Birch Box in the US or the Glossy Box that’s already in place in the UK. For £10 a month you receive every month in the comfort of your home, a box with 5 to 6 deluxe miniature samples of the newest cosmetic products in the market.

The reason why I’m dying to get my hands on a Boudoir Privé box is because you get new products every month, allowing you to try them, and if you like them you can then go into a shop and buy the full size version of it! This is perfect for me and for my bank account because I won’t have to buy every single new product I see! :)

So if you want to get your little hands into the first Boudoir Privé box, you can get an exclusive invitation by clicking HERE. Boudoir Privé will be sending all the VIP access e-mails by tomorrow, so hurry up and sign up before they stop receiving applications!

The more you share, the bigger you chances of getting VIP access.

What do you think about this idea? Would you pay £10 a month for a Boudoir Privé box? Leave me a comment below :)

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  • Anita

    These monthly samples things are starting to get really popular these days! I think its a great idea though to be able to try things before purchasing full size products!

    In Canada we have one called Luxe Box by Loose Button :)

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