Coca Cola and Fanta Lip Smacker


I went shopping in Primark this week and they were selling the cuttest thing ever!

Coca Cola and Fanta Lip Smacker, which are little lip balms that smell and taste like the real drinks. How awesome is that? They are only £1.50 each and I grabbed one of each for myself just for fun.

The quality of the product is nothing amazing, but it is a clear and moisturising lip balm that tastes and smells great if you like Coke and Fanta. I personally prefer the smell of the Fanta one, just because I’m not a Coca Cola fan, but if you are, you’ll love it.

It’s such an interesting little gadget, and as soon as you get them out of your bag, I’m sure lots of people will be curiously wondering what is that odd Coca Cola tube you’ve got!

And to finish it all off, today I was in Primark, again, and I found a Sprite Lip Smacker in there as well, so I got one of those for myself, but I haven’t got a photo of it yet, sorry.

What do you think of my odd little purchase? Let me know on a comment below :)


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