Elegant Bracelet: Gold and Diamonds


How much do you think I paid for this adorable gold bracelet with diamonds?

This expensive looking bracelet only cost me £2!! Yes, I said £2.

It’s amazing the amount of great things you can find if you just know where to look for them. I bought this in Primark a few days ago, and it looks so pretty and refined, doesn’t it?

It is adjustable to the size of your arm by loosening or tightening the white strings, which was a major plus for me as I have very thin wrists and almost nothing fits me on the wrists.

However, as you can see, the strings dangling off my arm are quite long. I can’t really hide them or tuck them in anywhere, so if you guys have any tips as to how I could shorten these white strings, let me know!

I almost don’t want to complain about this bracelet just because it is so pretty and so cheap, so I think I can put up with the annoying long dangling string!

Do you like my bracelet? Let me know on a comment below :)


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