Look Of The Day: Soft Curls and Strapless Dress

Hey girls!

On a first note, I just wanted to let you know that I’m having a MASSIVE giveaway when I reach 100 followers here on the blog and I’m almost there, so stay tunned!! Yay :)

Now back to what I’m supposed to be talking about: look of the day!

Finally we’ve had a few sunny days here in the UK after a rubbish rainy week, and of course I jumped at the opportunity of getting rid of some layers and chose a dress and a cardigan for a drive around town with my boyfriend.

Sorry for not having a full body photo so you can see the dress better, but it’s strapless and the length is mid-thigh. I think I bought it in Debenhams last summer, and it’s supposed to be a beach dress, but I also wear it to go out and it looks fine! The cardigan goes down to the waist and I bought it for about £5 in Primark.

For my hair, I used a headband to hold my fringe up and created some loose curls with a curling iron. My little tip for creating these lovely loose curls is to curl just the ends of the hair on the back, and move closer to the roots as you come closer to your face, making sure to curl the hair outwards from the face to give it a nice frame to your face. After you finish, brush through the curls and use a bit of Moroccan Oil from the middle to the bottom of your hair to seal the cuticles of your hair.

Do you like my look of the day? Please leave me a comment below :)


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