LOTD: Casual With a Touch of Glamour + Sweeping Fringe / Bangs

Bonjour, lovelies!

The theme of my Look Of The Day (LOTD) is ‘Casual With A Touch Of Glamour’, and it is basically a general casual outfit with a little glamourous detail. Simples!

For my outfit, I kept it casual with a black blazer, black vest, a pair of jeans, light brown platform sandals and a cream handbag. The touch of glamour came from my lovely coral necklace from Jane Norman.

I don’t know where I got the shoes, jeans and handbag because I didn’t buy them in the UK (sorry!), but the blazer is from H&M and the vest is from Jane Norman.

For my hair, I had it in my normal everyday hairstyle, which is straight with waves on the ends to give it a bit of volume. The side swept fringe or bangs is my touch of glamour on the hair – how Kate Middleton of me!

My makeup also followed the ‘Casual With a Touch of Glamour‘ theme. Pink lips, coral cheeks and pink and bronze eyeshadows, with a winged eyeliner in a blue-ish grey shade as my touch of glamour.

What do you think? If you have a great ‘Casual With a Touch of Glamour‘ look that you love, I’d love to see it!


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