Nails Of The Day (NOTD): Hot Coco

Hey guys!

This is another one of the NOTD (Nails Of The Day) series, and today I’m wearing my second nail varnish from Essie, which is called ‘Hot Coco’. Last week I did a NOTD with Essie ‘Going Incognito’ and even though it was totally out of my comfort zone, I got lots of great compliments on it, so I thought I’d remain out of my comfort zone and try another “bold”colour.

The first thing I noticed was that in order to achieve the same richness of colour I got from ‘Going Incognito’, I had to apply 3 coats instead of 2. However, the end result was a gorgeous rich dark brown, which makes sense since it’s called ‘Hot Coco’!

I’m not too sure if this is flattering on me or whether it washes me out a bit, but I definitely like the fact that it’s such an intense colour!

What do you think? Shall I have some more Hot Coco in the future, or should I just not bother? Please leave me a comment below. :)


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