Review: Makeup Academy (MUA) Extreme Volume Mascara

Today’s post is a review of a product I was sent a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it so much since then that (unfortunately) you will be able to see this from the photos. It’s the Extreme Volume Mascara from MUA’s Professional range of products, and if you have been following the latest magazines, beauty bloggers and youtube beauty gurus, you’ll know it’s been talked about quite a lot; some love it, some don’t like it very much, so here’s what I think.

First things first, MUA is a high street, low budget brand, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s lower in quality compared to other more expensive brands. All that it means is that you’ll be able to buy pretty much every single item to complete a basic makeup kit for less than £5.

Because I have been trying lots of MUA’s products over the past few weeks, I’ve learned that, in terms of quality, most of MUA’s products are worth way more than its actual price, whilst very few of them are of an average quality.

The Extreme Volume Mascara costs £2 and is one of MUA’s products that is definitely worth more than what you pay for it! Packaging-wise, it’s a very neutral and simple black tube, not too big, and blends in with other mascara tubes. Although, I think I would’ve preferred if it had something distinctive so that I could find it easier amongst my other mascaras.

The colour I’m using is a brown/black, which is a bit confusing, since the colour inside the tube is actually brown, so maybe it would have been better to stay away from references to ‘black’, if the mascara is actually brown, but never mind, I don’t mind brown mascaras at all.

As you can see from the photo, it’s quite a thick brush, which is the ideal type of brush to achieve lots of volume and a false-lashes effect on your eyelashes.

This mascara worked very well on my eyelashes and the result was gigantic and slightly thicker lashes! Mind you, it does clump quite a bit, but you can use a little eyebrow brush to separate the lashes and disperse some blobs of mascara evenly throughout your lashes.

From the before (left) and after (right) photos you can see that it actually lengthened more than it volumised my eyelashes. I have to say that my eyelashes are quite long naturally, so that’s why they look freakishly long with 2 coats of the Extreme Volume Mascara.

On a daily basis, I’ve been using only one coat of this mascara, and even though it’s brown, it does the job for me. It doesn’t last all day, but you can’t really complain if you’re paying £2 for a mascara, can you?

So that’s my second ‘smily face’ for a MUA product because it ticked most of the boxes on my checklist. If you are really looking for unbelievable volume, I would recommend something like MAC False Lashes or Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara Ultra Volumateur, but be prepared to fork out on average £18 for each of these products. If you just want something to lengthen your lashes and give them some volume, I’d definitely go for the Extreme Volume Mascara, and if after your try it you’re not happy with it, at least you only spent a couple of pounds. :)

MUA is only available in Superdrug in the UK, but I’ve heard that they are planning to expand delivery to other countries very soon!

I hope this review helped some of you and don’t forget to check my review of MUA’s Primer by clicking HERE.

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  • Le Beauty Group

    @Melanie’Clare Hey! Thanks for stopping by :)

    This is a good mascara for the price you pay and I think it does the job pretty well! Definitely try it, and as I said it, if you don’t lik it, it’s only 2 quid! :)


  • Amna Muhammad

    Mascara has been my all time favourite thing in makeup products. Bought one from and it was amazing. I often use it and according to quality and quantity both it’s just perfect. Highly recommended everyone

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