What To Wear On A Cruise Holiday? (OOTD)

Bonjour, girls — I’m back! :)

This is where I’ve been for the past 17 days, in case you’re wondering! I’ve been away on a late summer holiday and only just got back a few days ago. I had such a good time, but I’ve missed you guys so much that I couldn’t wait to get home and get blogging. :)

This was my first cruise and, before travelling, I really struggled to buy all the right clothes to wear on board and also cope with the hot weather. It’s impossible to find up to date information on the internet about what young people normally wear on cruise holidays, so maybe this will help some of you that may be going on a cruise in the future.

Please remember that every cruise is different. It depends a lot on where in the world you are going to, and most cruise ships do have a dress code for the evening. During my cruise, I had black tie events, formal dinners, smart casual evenings and fancy dress nights, so I’ll cut to the chase and show you guys some of my OOTDs and few funny pics as well!

Embarkation Day

Smart Casual Evenings

Black Tie Evenings

Daytime Wear

60s and 70s Evening

Formal Evenings

Tropical Evening

Country and Western Evening

As you can see, I did some ‘recycling’, turning casual outfits into formal just by adding accessories, and a nice pair of shoes. Hey, even the Duchess of Cambridge recycles, so why shouldn’t I? :)

I hope you guys liked some of my holiday OOTDs and found it somewhat useful.

Stay tunned for lots more to come because I’m back for good!!


  • Sudha

    Im going on a pacific cruise in May and this post has been so helpful for me in planning my outfit,..I lovew ur blog and you are so pretty :)

  • Le Beauty Girl

    I’m glad it was helpful; Since then, I’ve been on another completely different cruise, so I was thinking about writing a blog post on what I took to that cruise as well. Have fun on your cruise! :) x

  • Supriya Pkn

    Thanks a lot ……. Please do post photos of the new cruise as well and any tips and tricks for packing…. I live in Aus so im going to Vanuatu and new caledonia in the pacific….. Im trying to put outfits together,…

  • Supriya Pkn

    Thanks a lot …. please do a post on your new cruise as well….Since I live in Aus im going on a cruise to vanuatu and newcaledonia ….packing is a bit tricky as it is autumn here but the pacific islands have summer throughout the year …:)

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