Hair Change – Love it or Hate it?

After 8 years with the same hairstyle I woke up one day, looked at my hair and thought to myself, “Right, enough of that. I need a change!

I know it’s not a huge change, and most people didn’t even notice it, but changing from a side-parting to a centre-parting was a major step towards a serious change that is about to come over the next few months: a new haircut.

At first I didn’t like it and felt like I had lost my charm and looked like an idiot. But then it started to grow on me when someone said I looked like Kim Kardashian. In my dreams! :(

One thing I do like about this new “hair”, is that it looks a lot healthier on the top because this fresh load of hair hasn’t been exposed to as much heat and styling products as the old hair that was exposed with the side-parting. It also accentuates my layers!

I’m still not sure I’ll stick to it, and I might switch back and forth for a while until decide what looks better on me.

What do you think? Centre or Side-parting? Let me know on the comments below! :)


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