OOTD: Cold, Wet and Windy Camping Trip

Last weekend I went on my first camping trip in Abergavenny, Wales. I really enjoyed the trip, and I will definitely to it again, so I thought I’d share will you guys what I chose to wear for a cold, wet and windy camping experience.

If you’re going camping in the same weather conditions as me, my advice is to layer up as you go. I started off with warm/slightly windy and rainy gear: a comfortable playsuit, tights and boots, a warm jumper with a hoodie, a fluffy hat and a scarf. On my feet, I mostly wore wellies (rain boots) in the camping site, and ankle boots with grips on the bottom when I went out in the town.

When it rained harder and it got colder, I wore a light weight weatherproof jacket with a hoodie because I already had a thick jumper underneath. That way you will be sorted if it’s cold or warm and you won’t have to carry much with you.

If you’re wondering why I have such a tiny glass on my hand, it’s because I went to the Abergavenny Food Festival and I got to sample loads of tasty drinks and food. :)

I didn’t emphasise what brands I wore because I think it’s more important if you know what types of clothes to wear and just choose whatever brands you prefer. I managed to survive the dreadful weather conditions by sticking to this dress code, so you should be fine as well.

I hope you found this useful! What is your main tip for a cold, wet and windy camping trip? Please share your experiences on the comment box below! :)

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