Pretty Little Liars Look: Spencer’s Side Braid and Makeup

I’m a huge fan of the tv series Pretty Little Liars, and I love how the girls look! They all have different styles, but are always stylish, girly and fun looking, so I decided to do a series of Pretty Little Liars looks featuring Spencer Hastings, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Emily Fields and Alison DiLaurentis.

The first look features Spencer Hastings. Her style is very preppy and neat, which explains why she’s always got a different type of braid / plait on her hair; she wore this look on the episode “The New Normal” (Season 01, Episode 17).

The Hair

This braid is the mixture of a french and a dutch braid. I’ll explain: on a dutch braid, instead of braiding the strands of hair over one another, you braid under; on a french braid, every time you braid the outer strands of hair, you incorporate new parts of hair into the braid.

So to do Spencer’s braid, I pulled my hair all to one side, separated the hair from the crown of my head, and started to french and dutch braid on a straight line all the way down. Got it?

I absolutely love how this braid looks, and it only took my 5 minutes to do it! Make sure you hold it really tight when braiding your hair, but after you’ve secured the ends with a hair band, loosen up the braid a bit; also, if you have a fringe, gently pull some of it upwards to create a little poof at the front.

The Makeup

Spencer is very traditional and natural — she loves her super discrete dark brown / mauve smokey eye with a bit of black eyeliner; she chooses bronzer over blush and a matte pink / plum lipstick. On some of the photos it looks like she is wearing a much brighter pink lipstick, but if you watch the episode, you can see that the lipstick looks more plum than pink.

The eyebrows are not too sharp and not too thin. The skin is flawless, but very natural, dewy and young looking.

What do you think of Spencer’s look? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed doing it! Let me know what other Pretty Little Liars looks you would like to see here, and if possible, leave a link with the photo or clip of the look you want.


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