September Boudoir Privé Box: Contents + Review

At last, they have arrived! This month’s Boudoir Privé box kept us waiting a bit longer, but was it worth the wait? Keep reading to see all the contents from the box and my first impressions of them!

(If you don’t know what Boudoir Privé is and would like to find out, click here)

As usual, the packaging and the attention to detail really is amazing. The one thing I missed this month was the personalised handwritten note that I got last month, but apart from that, I love that they spend so much time making the box so luxurious and pretty. Let’s have a look inside the box, shall we?

Tropic Skincare Body Smooth (Bodycare) £19.95 (200ml)

This is a hand scrub, 100% natural, containing Sea Minerals, Jojoba and Macadamia oil. After following the instructions, my hands felt incredibly soft and smooth. The moisture that you feel on your skin is not greasy or oily at all, and in my opinion, the best thing about this scrub is the amazing scent of sugary lemon juice (wich, by the way, is my favourite juice!).

If you’re in the UK, you might recognise the founder of this brand, Susan Ma, as one of The Apprentice 2011 contestants. Top marks for this one! If only Boudoir Privé had included a little discount code, that we get in the Glossybox.

Agent Provocateur L’Agent (Fragrance) £70 (100ml) / £50 (50ml)

I think I’m a tiny bit in love with this perfume! It’s subtle, yet distinctive, and very classic and sexy. It could easily become my favourite scent of all time, maybe only loosing to my beloved Chanel N.5!

The only problem is the price of the full bootle. Ouch!

Macadamia Hair Repair (Haircare) £5.75 (10ml) / £29.95 (125ml)

This is a leave-in kind of hair treatment, and it is supposed to leave your hair smooth, shiny and less frizzy. I have not tried this yet, but I’ve heard wonders about it and can’t wait to try it!

I really loved that Boudoir Privé included this little gem in the box, as most reviews of this product seem to be amazing.

Colbert MD Nourish: Eye Cream (Skincare) £90 (15ml)

I guess the best publicity for this brand is to say that The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and Sienna Miller, are allegedly loyal customers!

With a retail price of £90, I think it’s very unlikely that I will be buying the incredibly small (15ml) full size version of this cream. I will try this tonight, but for the sake of my bank balance, I really hope I don’t like it! :)

Zoya Nail Polish (Lifestyle) £9.98 (each bottle)

How pretty is this nail varnish? It is a red-ish dark purple, with metallic dark pink highlights and gold duochrome flecks of shimmer.

It reminds me of Ciaté’s Wait Until Dark, but there is much more red in this one than in the Ciaté’s. It’s safe to say that this varnish will be making an appearance on my nails quite often this autumn!

Cargo Cosmetics Boogie Nights Eye Pencil (Makeup) £13 (set of five)

This pencil is in the colour #02 Blue, and it’s a navy blue with silver glitter. It is quite smooth, but very sheer and it comes off easily with a gentle rub.

I probably wouldn’t expect this to last long as an eyeliner, but it is a pretty colour, so I might give it a go and keep an eye out for when it starts to wear off!

Mai Couture Blot & Bronze 2-1 Blotting/Bronzing Papier

This product was not in the description leaflet, so I’m guessing it is a nice little bonus. Yay!

It is a Blotting/Bronzing paper that is supposed to get rid of the excess oil on your face without disturbing your makeup, and also adding a touch of golden colour to the skin. Sounds pretty good to me and I shall let you know soon if I liked it or not!

That is it for the September Boudoir Privé box, girls! What do you think of this box? I hope you loved it as much as I did, and if you haven’t subscribed to it yet, you can do so by clicking here :)


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