Affordable Winter Shoes Lust List

I probably have enough shoes to last me for a lifetime already, but my shopping weakness always has and always will lie on shoes. I must say that living in Britain with UK size 2 feet isn’t easy for a shoeaholic, so here is my very sad Affordable Winter Shoes Lust List, all starting from size 3. If you have bigger feet than me, do know that I’m so incredibly jealous of you – in a good way!

Tia Suedette Calf Length Boots – £25

These gorgeous suede boots have 11.5 cm heels and it looks like it has a platform at the front, which would make them really comfortable. They are very plain and they go with everything; it’s perfect for a girly daytime look or for a night out with a very sparkly outfit! I think I would wear the black I lot more, but the brown ones go with my new handbag :)

Katie Black Shearling Trimmed Crepe Wedge Knee High Boots – £40

These boots look so comfortable and warm! I love the ‘little’ 8.5 cm platform heel because it still gives me some height without being too hard work to walk. They are stylist, classic and I could see myself wearing these with black skinny jeans and a cream lace top; if only they had a size 2 pair :(

Edena Glitter Platform Stilletto Shoes in Black

Missguided – £29.99

Every girl needs a pair of over the top shoes, and these definitely wear the badge with pride! These shoes and a little black dress are everything you need for the perfect night out outfit. The heels are around 14 cm high and the platform at the front is a definitely ‘must-have’ to be able to walk in these without falling down.

Walera Fur Trim Boots in Brown

Missguided – £35.99

I love these, and it’s really difficult for me to like a pair of flat heeled boots, and even though this has teeny-tiny heels, it doesn’t really count as high heel boots, right? They about 25 cm tall, and I love the buckle detailing and the fur at the top. I think these would look gorgeous for a daytime casual winter look, with gloves, hat, scarf and all! :)

Simone Platform High Heeled Shoe in Nude Patent

Missguided – £34.99

There’s something really elegant about a pair of nude high heels, and these patent shoes are beyond gorgeous! They have the platform at the front and a whooping 14 cm heel. So classic and chic, I’m so in love with these shoes. Damn you tiny feet of mine :(

Wera Platform Leather Look Shoe Boots in Black

Missguiged – £40.99

Last but definitely not least, these leather boots are my favourite out of the whole selection! 16.5 cm heels, platform at the front, zip up detail at the inner ankle – what else could I ask for in a pair of ankle boots? I want them so much that I think I might even buy a size 3 and stuff them with insoles on the inside! :)

What’s in your Winter Shoes Lust List? Do share :)

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