Book Of The Moment / Recommendation #2

So, I’ve just finished the book I recommended to you guys last month, and I’ve already embarked in a new adventure which I though some of you may be interested.

My second recommendation is a book by the author Nora Roberts called ‘The Search’. It’s a totally different style compared to ‘The Tennis Party’, but I’m enjoying it a lot so far!

The book tells the story of Fiona Bristow, a workaholic woman that wants nothing to do with romance, but as we can probably guess, that’s exactly what she gets! Fiona has moved to this new town called Orcas Island to rebuild her life, running a canine rescue centre that trains dogs to find missing persons in the wilderness. But Fiona is keeping a terrible secret that could put her in great danger!

I’m still in the very beginning of the book, so I can’t tell you much about it yet, but the language is fairly clear, alive and detailed, and the book is already keeping me gripped. I particularly loved this quote by Corey Ford at the start of Part One, where it says, “Properly trained, a man can be a dog’s best friend”. Loved it :)

I’m expecting it to get spooky soon, with crime scenes and lots of entanglements, and I’m sure Fiona’s life will get harder and harder!

That’s my recommendation to you! Have you read any other Nora Roberts’ books? Did you like it? Feel free to share you thoughts below :)

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The Search by Nora Roberts – Amazon


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