Eylure & Elegant Touch Bloggers Event + London Snapshots (OOTD)

I was kindly invited by Focus PR to the Eylure and Elegant Touch Bloggers Event that happened last Wednesday in London. It was my first ever event of that kind and I was really excited to travel to London and meet a few of the girls I have been reading every day. So I thought I’d share with some of the photos that I took whilst wandering around London and, of course, at the event!

Outfit Of The Day

Dress – H&M

Belt – Primark

Satchel Bag – Topshop

Boots – H&M

I wore a cream lace dress with a cream belt, tan ankle boots and a brown-ish pink and tan satchel. I chose this outfit because the weather was baking hot and I wanted to be comfortable during the journey. I may have looked a little bit too ‘matchy-matchy’, but I liked it :)

Face & Hair Of The Day

On my face I kept it simple; I wore a highlighter eyeshadow all over the lid and on the brow bone and a taupe brown colour on the crease. A dab of bronzer and a peach blush, a bit of black eyeliner, mascara and my favourite lip combo of the moment, which is a mixture of Rimmel Sweetheart Tulips and Undressed.

I curled my hair with my Babyliss Curling Wand, creating these big bouncy curls that I love so much :)

Nails Of The Day

Accessorize With-Love Nail Polish Fudge

Maybelline Express Finish Flash Cosmic

Like I said, the little ‘matchy-matchy’ voice inside me wanted to keep everything similar, so I chose my matte pink nail varnish from Accessorize, and on top of it I have this gorgeous coat of Flash Cosmic, a blue and gold glitter nail varnish from Maybelline, just for a touch of sparkle!

London Town

The drive to London was so enjoyable and I was blessed with good weather, good traffic and a boyfriend who doubles as an excellent private driver.

I drove past my old flat in Hammersmith and it made me miss living in London. Next stop: The Westfield.

When I lived in London, this was my second home, and I have no words to express how much I miss this place! There’s always something happening and I never leave empty handed :)

So after much sobbing and saying good-bye to The Westfield, I headed off to Calloh Callay to pamper and enjoy myself at the event!

Eylure & Elegant Touch Bloggers Event

Credits: Lisa and Sami

Credits: Lisa and Sami

I had so much fun; The atmosphere was amazing and the place was decorated with lots of Eylure lashes and Elegant Touch nails around tables, which I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.

I decided to try on a set of lashes, and I absolutely L.O.V.E them. The lovely lady that applied them on me was so talented, and guess what: she was also Brazilian, so we spent ages chatting in portuguese :)

I spent most of the night chatting to Sami and Lisa from Beauty Aesthetic, Sarah from City Girl’s Fashion Box and Sarah from My Sentimental Heart. I loved meeting you all and I hope to see you again soon!

Towards the end of the night I also met the lovely Eve Yasmine. Eve is gorgeous and she is also the official blogger for Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. How cool is that?!

Sami and me — Credits: Lisa and Sami

Sarah, Sami, Lisa and me — Credits: Lisa and Sami

Me and Eve Yasmine — Credits: Eve Yasmine

Credits: Lisa and Sami

There were so many girls I wanted to say hi to, but I completely lost track of time and unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone.

So, did I have a good time? Hell, yeah! I can’t wait to go to another event and have an amazing time again in the company of all these amazing girls. A big thanks to Focus PR, Eylure and Elegant Touch for inviting me and for sending me home with a great goody bag! :)

I’ll leave you with a photo of my lovely baby Clive! After a long day, all I wanted was come home to him :)


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