REVIEW: Barbara Daly Moisture Foundation

God knows why I went to Tesco around about 11pm the other night, but after spending half an hour browsing the makeup section, as you do at 11pm, I bumped into the Barbara Daly section, which I had never heard of before. The packaging on the products being very chic and minimalistic immediately grabbed my attention, and I finally settled on this foundation.

The Looks

This is the Barbara Daly Moisture Foundation in the shade “Honey”. Barbara Daly Make-Up is a brand designed by the legendary makeup artist, Barbara Daly, for Tesco. It’s not as accessible as Superdrug’s MUA in terms of price, but it’s still cheaper than what I would expect to pay for such a high-end like packaging.

At £6.75, the 29ml foundation comes in a lovely thick matte glass bottle with a marble feel to it. The lid doubles as an applicator, which I think it’s great for when I want to use my fingers to apply foundation but I don’t want to waste too much product trying to pour it onto the back of my hand.

The Contents

This foundation is described as “creamy, yet lightweight”, which I totally agree. It almost feels like a tinted moisturiser, but with a bit more coverage. I would classify it as low coverage with a dewy finish; it evens out the skin, making it look fresh and moisturised.

It’s suitable for normal to dry skin, which was perfect for me, and it contains SPF 20. This is definitely my go-to foundation of the moment, especially on days where my skin is looking pretty good and I only need to even it out and cover a few imperfections.

The Photos

I love how this foundation looks on my face. As you can see, it doesn’t conceal every single bump and blemish on my skin, neither do I want it to do that. Personally I hate the airbrushed look. I like foundations that make me look healthy and normal, and this foundation does the job brilliantly.

I’ll still go back to my Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for when I need a bit more coverage, but I’ve been using Barbara Daly’s Moisture Foundation pretty much every day since I bought it.

The Verdict

Overall Marks: I give this a whooping 9/10. It’s a moisturising, creamy and lightweight low coverage foundation that works brilliantly and gives you a lovely dewy finish. The fact that it contains SPF is not great photography-wise, but I haven’t noticed any bad photos with or without flash; if I do, I’ll let you know! Now that I’ve tried my first Barbara Daly product and loved it, I’m definitely going back for more.

Barbara Daly Moisture Foundation is available from Tesco.

Au revoir!



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