REVIEW: Elegant Touch Polished False Nails

False nails are one of the most handy beauty-related accessories to have at home; either for a special occasion when you need your hands to look flawless, or even for those days when your nails look so dreadful beyond repair that you have no option but to cover the bad boys up.

The Looks

I was kindly given these in a goody bag I got from the Eylure and Elegant Touch Bloggers event I attended last week (blog post here) and these were my favourite at first sight.

The Elegant Touch Polished Nail set is a pre-polished set of nails with UV gel coat technology, ensuring that the nails won’t chip, scratch and that they will stay bright and beautiful for the entire duration.

The Contents

The one that I’ve got is called Delight, and it’s a glossy pink colour, which I was instantly drawn to. It looks sophisticated and it literally goes with any occasion. The nails feel sturdy and polished, as the name suggests, and I really like the looks of it.

I do, however, have a couple things I’m not too happy with. The first is the fact that they are way too wide and long for my tiny little hands. Correct me if I’m wrong, but for the “Polished” set, I think this is the shortest they have; they do have extra short ones in the Classic French set. The only one that kind of fit my little finger was the n.9 nail, and there was only one of them in my kit, which meant only one of my hands could be done.

The other thing that I’m not 100% happy with is the nails don’t have an application tab at the tip. It’s much harder to handle and apply the nail perfectly centralised by holding on to the false nail itself because you have no grip.

The Photos

From a distance you can’t tell that they are too big for me, but if you look closer, the size doesn’t suit me at all. It’s a shame because I love the looks of it and how glossy, polished and sophisticated they are. So I wouldn’t recommend these to people with small hands and nails, but on someone with slightly bigger hands than me I think they would look lush!

The Verdict

Overal Marks: Given my experience with it, I’d have to give it a 5/10 just because this kit doesn’t cater for all sizes and for the lack of an application tab.


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