REVIEW: Rimmel Lipstick Lock

Few things are more annoying than that horrible ‘fading lipstick’ look towards the end of the night and having to stay on lipstick watch when you’re wearing a bright red lippie. So I was very excited when I found out that there was a little thing called “lipstick lock“!

The Looks

This is the Rimmel Lipstick Lock, and it’s a clear liquid in a glass bottle that looks a lot like nail varnish. The concept is great – you apply it over lipstick to seal and lock the lippie on your lips. Now that is a pretty big claim, and I had high hopes for it!

The Contents

1) Apply lipstick; 2) Apply Rimmel Lipstick Lock over lipstick; 3) Keep lips apart until it dries; 4) Long-lasting lippie!

The liquid has a really strong smell of acetone and it stings a bit before it dries on your lips. If you have sensitive lips or any open wounds on it, I wouldn’t recommend applying Rimmel Lipstick Lock. It says on the bottle to keep your lips apart until it dries, which I did so for about 5 minutes, just to be sure.

I noticed a slight change in the texture of my lipstick. Before applying the Lipstick Lock, my lips looked much shinier and glossy; after the Lipstick Lock they looked much more matte. You can’t really tell the difference with the lipstick I’m wearing on the photos (Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish #1) because it’s already a pretty matte lippie, but I’ve tried with other lipsticks that are glossier and I’m not sure whether I like the looks of it.

The Photos

Top: Without Lipstick Lock; Bottom: With Lipstick Lock

12pm: after 2 cups of tea!

5pm: after dinner

This product does exactly what it claims! I put it on in the morning, and I had 2 cups of tea, dinner and chit-chatted quite a lot over an 8 hour period and my red lipstick stayed exactly where it was supposed to be. Granted, it’s not perfect, because my lipstick still transfered onto cups and forks that I used, but only a very small amount. I didn’t touch up my lipstick after my cups of tea, but I did feel the need to touch up a bit after eating dinner.

The Verdict

Overall Marks: I give this a 7/10. All in all, I like the fact that it does exactly what it says on the tin, making any lipstick long lasting, however, the smell, the stinging and the unsolicited matifying effect on glossier lippies are things I find a bit annoying. Although I’m sure I’d be fine with all that annoyance if I really needed my lipstick to last!

Rimmel Lipstick Lock is available from most drugstores, such as Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried Rimmel Lipstick Lock or a similar product? I’d love to hear about your experiences with it and any recommendations you have :)


  • Regula

    Hi Ysis,
    Since last year I’m looking for this product, as I use it already for about 10 years. But there is no chance to get it! Last week end I was in UK. No chance! Where from did you get it? Thanks for your help in advance :-)

  • Tara Merry

    Your lips look amazing in your pics. I know that sounds weird, but every time I try to take a pic of my lips they always turn down!

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