October Favourites!

I know I’m so late posting my October Favourites, but due to technical issues, I was deprived of my computer for over a week and couldn’t blog sooner. Boo! So, this month I only have a few favourites to show you, but they are very precious!

1. Collection 2000 Big Fake False Lash Effect Mascara

This mascara is absolutely amazing! I’ve been looking for a new mascara to replace my Maybelline The Falsies, and this is the one. The brush is massive and it gives you long and thick lashes. I can’t recommend this enough and it only costs £4.99 from Boots.

2. Maybelline Dream Touch Blush #06

This is an old purchase that I started using quite a lot recently for a quick pop of colour on the cheeks when I’m in a hurry. It’s a cream blush with tiny flecks of shimmer that leaves a very natural finish. I’ve done a full review of this blush with swatches, so if you want to know more about it, click here. It’s very affordable as well and you can buy it for £6.49 from Boots.

3. Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Topcoat Nail Varnish

I listed this as an October favourite because I’ve been wearing it so much, but I’m not 100% sure wether I love it or not. This topcoat can be applied on top of any nail varnish to transform its finish from glossy and shiny into velvety and matte. It does look amazing with some nail varnishes, but not so great with others. I’ve posted a NOTD wearing this varnish, so click here to read it. You can buy this matte finish topcoat for £4.59 from Boots.

4. Barbara Daly Moisture Foundation

This foundation was a real surprise for me. I bought it from Tesco, completely at random, and I ended up loving it. It looks so natural and healthy on my skin, and it’s perfect for when my skin is looking fairly good and I don’t want too much coverage. I’ve also reviewed this product a while ago, so click here to read my review. You can buy this foundation for £6.79 from Tesco.

5. 17 Wild Metallics Eyes Cream Eyeshadow in Wild Bronze

I had been reading review after review of this eyeshadow before I finally bought a couple to try. I don’t want to say too much because I’m planning to do a full review of this baby ASAP, but it’s definitely one of my all-time favourite eyeshadows! I can wear it on its own all over the lid, or as a base for other powder eyeshadows for a more dramatic look. I can’t fault this eyeshadow! You can buy it for £3.99 from Boots.

6. Herbalife Nighttime Replenishing Cream

A few weeks ago I got sent this night cream to try by the lovely folks at Immediate PR. I have been using it ever since I got it, giving it the proper trial run, and I’m happy to report that it is amazing! I’ll pop a review here next week, so stay tunned for that.

7. Diamond earrings

I practically ‘stole’ these earrings from my mum! She was wearing it one day and I thought they looked absolutely gorgeous and classy, so I asked pretty please, and she finally gave them to me :-) I’ve had them for probably about 10 years, and whenever I don’t know which earrings to go for, I turn to these. It’s always worth it investing in a pair of really classy earrings that you can trust won’t let you down!

8. Canon EOS 1100d DSLR Camera

And finally, the BIG favourite! Yes, I am now the proud owner of my first DSLR camera. It was only a matter of time before I started to hate my little ‘point and shoot’ camera after I started my blog, so I decided to give myself a nice Christmas present. I opted for the Canon 1100d because it’s an entry level DSLR, which means that it’s way below the price range of the most expensive DSLRs and it will make my transition from a ‘point and shoot’ to DSLRs much easier. I’ve literally been snapping photos of every single thing I see and playing with the different settings to get the perfect shot — it’s been great fun!

I’m in desperate need of some good tutorials on how to use my camera to its full potential, so if you guys have any tips or websites I can check out, please leave them on the comments below.

So that pretty much sums up my ‘October faves’! If you liked it, please leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to check out my new lifestyle blog at http://ysisloves.blogspot.com :)

Au revoir!



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