Face Of The Day (FOTD): Casual and Ready for Unexpected Guests

The festive period is the one time of the year when you’re guaranteed to have the most unexpected guests coming to your/your parents house. So I’ve prepared a ‘casual and ready for unexpected guests’ look to make me appear effortlessly presentable at all times. Of course, all I’m doing is fooling the guests into thinking that’s how I look when they’re not there. If only they knew the sad truth! :)

I chose a natural base for my face in the form of a low coverage and dewy foundation. The idea is to look fresh and natural, so don’t try to cover every single imperfection on your face, just hide the usual signs of tiredness and laziness (ie, dark circles under your eyes and spots) and add a bit of colour with a peachy or pinky toned blush.

Go light on the bronzer and limit yourself to one eyeshadow that matches more or less the colour of your eyelids. You can use a bit of shimmer, but nothing too over the top. To incorporate the festiveness of Christmas, I added a bit of ‘interest’ to my look by doing a little winged eyeliner. Nothing too ‘Amy Winehouse’, just a tad to make my eyes stand out. I didn’t line the bottom lashes, as that would have been too much for what’s supposed to be an effortless casual look.

To finish it off I chose a sheer pink lipgloss because I like the ‘relaxed’ look it gives my lips compared to lipstick. I didn’t fill in my eyebrows on purpose because they don’t have too many gaps, but I highlighted underneath them with a white eyeliner.

That’s it! With this look I feel prepared to face any family, friends and neighbours that happen to drop by for a chit-chat during the Christmas period. At least now I won’t get told off for not coming down to greet the guests!

What’s your favourite look for lounging around the house during the festive period? Let me know :)

Au revoir!



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