Nails Of The Day (NOTD): Purple Haze & Facets of Fuchsia

Models Own ‘Purple Haze’, £5 at Models Own

Revlon ‘Facets of Fuchsia’, £6.49 at Boots

An unusual combination, I thought, but quite an interesting outcome. I used the fuchsia polish first because it has a black base, and applied the purple glitter over the top to make my nails really sparkle! The good thing is you can still see both polishes and the mixture of fuchsia and purple is very eye-catching.

Unfortunately, this was a real pain to remove, but what did I expect, mixing 2 glitter polishes? If any of you have tips on how to remove glitter polish, please leave them on a comment below :)

What do you think of my ‘Purple Madness’? A bit too gothic or kind of cool? Let me know!

Au revoir!



  • Shortylegsbeauty

    Oooh it looks amazing :) Love it… I am a huge sparkle person :)
    I learned a good trick when it comes to removing glitter nail polish from a lady in Norway who run the blog Nailin´It :)
    She has made a video on youtube where she show how to remove glitter polish in an easy way :) I could not find the video so I will just write what I remember from the video :)
    You put some nail polish remover on a cotton pad or ball then put that on the nail. Then you take aluminium foil and wrap that around your nails. Make sure its really tight around the nails :) Leave it like that for about 10 minutes and then you remove the foils :)
    I have tried this and it really works :)

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