REVIEW: Soap & Glory Face and Body Kabuki Brush

We all know that brushes are as important as the products you use for your makeup to look good, but sometimes if I’m in a hurry, I’ll ditch the brush and just use my fingers. If I’m not in a major hurry, I love using my favourite brushes to create that perfect finish, and I’ve recently discovered my new favourite powder brush!

Soap & Glory Face and Body Kabuki Brush (£9) – Boots

It’s the Soap and Glory Face and Body Kabuki Brush. This drugstore brush is definitely comparable to more expensive high-end brushes, and I can’t say enough good things about it! It’s compact, which is perfect for travelling, and the bristles are so soft and sturdy at the same time.

My favourite use for this brush is to apply translucent powder all over my face. It blends everything beautifully, leaving no trace whatsoever of the powder and a very soft skin texture.

I would definitely recommend buying this brush and I’m really happy I found it :)

Soap & Glory Face and Body Kabuki Brush is available now from Boots for £9.

What do you guys think of this brush? Have you ever tried it? Feel free to leave a comment below!


  • Kelly Crookston

    Hello :)
    Newest follower! This brush looks like my type of brush, I love kabuki brushes and this one is the perfect size. Too bad they dont sell this brand in the U.S.
    I also loved the way your nails came out using Revlon’s Facets of Fuchsia. I have this color and never thought about using matte polish over it. Now I might try it, I think it looks good both ways.
    Your blog is great!!


  • Le Beauty Group

    Hi Kelly! That was very nice of you to leave a comment. Thanks for following my blog :)

    This brush is amazing; I honestly can’t rave enough about it. Such a shame you can’t get it in the States. Maybe ask a friend to send it over to you or something :)

    The nails were such a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t expecting it too look this good, but I’m glad I did the experiment. Have you ever tried matte polish over any nail varnish?

    Hope you had a good day :)


  • Kelly Crookston

    I did this really fun look with matte polish. I actually got the idea from Kim Kardashian, she had them on her blog. I did this before I had my blog so I dont have pictures. I painted my nails a black color then topped it with Seche Vite to give it that glossy look. Then tapped off the tips and applied a matte polish to the tips. Then when you take the tape off you have this really cool contrast of glossy and matte. You can use any color too. I found the link to the picture of Kim Kardashians’s nails. Thats what i did, but the color I used was darker. Here’s the link if you wanna see what Im talking about:

    I’m obsessed with nail polish, I have so many colors Im actually making my own nail rack bc I have no where to put it all anymore. haha.

    Talk to you soon :)

  • Le Beauty Group

    Wow! That looks amaaaazing :) Might have to give this a try. I’m just waiting for my nails to grow bigger so they look better!!

    I’m addicted to nail varnish as well… running out of places to store them, LOL!

    Speak soon!

  • Kelly Crookston

    I ran out of space too and I don’t like the fact that I cant see all the colors I have bc there in boxes. I’m in the process of making my own nail rack for my wall. I got the idea from a youtube video lol. I hope it comes out good.

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