Best Nail Glue: Broadway Nails Jet Dry Nail Glue (Review)

I know this is a pretty boring topic to talk about, but it took me 6 months of destroying my nails with fake nail glue to realise that I should never trust the little glue that normally accompanies the fake nails themselves. Trust me, they do an ok-ish job compared to what this Broadway Jet Dry glue does!

Because we are talking about glue, it will always damage your own nails in some way, but I find that the Jet Dry glue isn’t too harsh on my own nails, and it doesn’t leave the fake nails with a sloppy and patchy finish. It also comes in a bigger bottle and it has a screw on cap for ease of use. The one criticism I have is about its staying power. Most of my fake nails came off after a day and a half, which is not great, but I honestly only put a tiny drop of the glue on the nails. It’s the price I’m willing to pay if I want to still have healthy natural nails.

If you’re not a fake nail kind of person, you can still use this glue to mend one of your own broken nails. Grab a bit of the Jet Dry glue, stick the broken bits together, wait a few moments, and voilà! As you can probably tell by my endless rave about this glue, I’m a fan. It’s also quite good value for money; you can get a twin pack for £3.05 from Boots.

If you have tried this glue before, let me know what you think of it on the comments below :o)

Shop for Broadway Jet Dry Nail Glue: Boots / Amazon / Debenhams

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