My 2012 Cute Notebook & Couples Calendar

Every year I promise myself I’ll be more organised and I start by making lists, which is an old habit of mine. I make lists of everything; shopping, ideas, music, tasks… you name it, I make a list. But since I’ve had my first iPhone (about 3 years ago), I stopped making written notes, and instead I used the ‘Notes’ app for all my lists. Well, that was a bad idea! I became less organised because my notes were all mixed up when I did them on the go and every time my phone ran out of battery I struggled to remember important things.

So this year, I decided to change and go back to owning a proper old-fashioned paper notebook. Since this is an experiment to see how I get on with notebooks again, I didn’t splash out on a fancy notebook. Instead, I got just a little cute one that I can carry around in my bag and keep it next to my computer when I’m blogging and all the rest.

As part of my pledge to be more organised, I divided my notebook into different categories. That way I don’t accidentally mix my shopping list with the confirmation of payment for my mobile phone bill. So, my categories are: Beauty, Photography, Random and Important. Guess which category has already been filled with notes? I’m such a beauty junkie! :)

I also picked up one of those ‘His & Hers’ Couples Calendar type of thing that you hang on the wall. If you haven’t seen one of these before, the idea is that you and your partner write common appointments and events in one calendar, hang it somewhere in the house where you both can see, and avoid double bookings or the common ‘I didn’t know you had booked that for us’ excuse. I still have my personal calendar with my own appointments, but this has made mine and my boyfriend’s lives much easier to manage. Not that we are super busy people with calendars full to the brim, but there you go!

What are your tips for a more organised life? Are you trying to be more organised in 2012? Leave your tips and comments below :)

Au revoir!



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