Benefit Hervana Blush (Review and Swatches)

Last Saturday a new Benefit blush was launched in the British market. The Hervana blush comes with 4 shades that can be blended in together to create a unique and subtle flush of colour and highlight at the same time. The shades can also be used as eyeshadows. I particularly like to use the ‘peach’ colour on the inner half of my eyes and the lightest shade on my brow bone.

As with all Benefit blushers, the packaging is gorgeous and the little brush is very handy. But this time, the brush is much softer than the other brushes and has a slight slanted style, which I quite like because it makes it easier to apply the blush.

In terms of pigmentation and skin tone suitability, if you swirl the brush over the four shades, the colour you get is a very subtle pink, which on my skin tone shows up very sheer. To get a more intense colour, instead of swirling on all shades, dab the brush on the brightest shade only.

I think this is a beautiful blush that would look amazing on fair to medium fair skin tones. On darker skin tones the Benefit Bella Bamba may be more suitable as you will be able to see the colour better and it’s warm toned rather than cool toned.

The biggest downside of this blush is the price. This little box comes with a hefty price tag of £23.50! If you ask me, that is far too much money. I guess it all depends on whether or not you think this is the best thing since sliced bread. To me it isn’t that big of a deal. It’s a good product, but not worth the price tag!

What do you think of the Benefit Hervana blush? Has it earned its place into your wish list?

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