Humid Weather Foundation Routine

Hi girlies! In case you didn’t know, I’m on holiday in Brazil and it’s summer here at the moment, which means temperatures of 30+ degrees celsius all day, every day. I know that may sound amazing, but when it comes to keeping the complexion looking flawless, it’s a bit more challenging in hot weather conditions. When it’s hot outside, our makeup tends to melt as we sweat throughout the day, and if we’re not careful, we can end up looking all patchy or even staining our clothes. So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been doing to help everything stay put all day.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (Boots); MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder  (Debenhams); MAC 187 Stippling Face Brush (Debenhams); Japonesque Travel Powder Brush (Boots)

In terms of SPF  I like to use factor 50 or more on my face, so I always apply SPF separate to my foundation. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum was my chosen foundation because it lasts for 16 hours and it contains vitamins that give the appearance of a radiant complexion. The finish is semi-matte, but what I really love about this foundation is that the coverage is buildable and almost invisible on the face.

To apply it, I spread out dots of foundation all over my face and buff it in with my MAC 187. I’m comfortable enough with one layer of foundation on my skin, because it hides any marks or discolouration whilst still leaving my face natural-looking. Also, during the summer, I think more is less when it comes to foundation as I definitely want to show-off a bit of my tan :)

After the foundation, an essential step when in humid weather conditions is to use a powder to set the foundation and to help with the ‘melting’ feeling. With a large fluffy brush I apply a thin layer of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural to my face and neck and that is pretty much it for the face. If there’s still anything that needs coverage, I use a bit of concealer to touch up.

This foundation routine has been working really well for the past week in the hot Brazilian weather. Of course, if I’m going to the beach or pool, I don’t wear any foundation, as it will just wash off, but generally, during the day and on evenings out, this works perfectly!

What are your best tips to keep your makeup looking flawless on humid/hot weather conditions? Leave a comment below :)

Au revoir!



  • Ivan Hairdresser

    Hi dear
    Just LOVED your hair in the first pic,
    It’s absolutely glamourous, beach, celebrity, stunning, “baphônico”
    Very well done!
    And about the make-up on the hot weather of our lovely country, I suggest you add in your routine a
    MAC Prep+Prime Face Protection Visage SPF 50>> I used in my 2 months holidays in Brasil, dear this prime is fab, its helps to keep you make-up on all day, even night you have just to retopuch a bit, even with the sweat, and has the SPF that we need!
    I just love it!
    Try it and say me what you think!
    Enjoy Brazil!

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