REVIEW: Rouge Dior Lipstick in Star Fuchsia (with swatches)

Rouge Dior Haute Couleur Voluptuous Care Lipstick in Star Fuchsia #766 | £22.50

Boots – Debenhams – John Lewis – House of Fraser

The most recent addition to my ever growing collection of lipsticks is the Rouge Dior Lipstick in ‘Star Fuchsia’ (#766). The midnight blue case and the engraved ‘CD’ signature on the lid looks and feels very high end, as it should do. The shade of this lippie dazzled me from the very first sight; A bright fuchsia with no shimmer, no nothing, just colour.

If the gorgeous colour of ‘Star Fuchsia’ isn’t enough of a selling point, this lipstick, when applied to the lips feels like pure silk! It’s incredibly nourishing and moisturising, without compromising the colour payoff, which lately seems to be a major problem of lipsticks. But not this one. It’s both rich in pigmentation and soft on the lips. According to Dior, this is due to the nourishing Hyaluronic particles that transforms colour into lip care.

This funny looking photo of the swatch on the side of my thumb has a purpose. The shop assistant that sold me this lipstick saw me swatching it on the back on my hand, as I’ve always done, and told to swatch it on the right side of my thumb, as it’s the best place to see how the lipstick will actually come out on the lips. I didn’t get as far as asking why, but if anyone knows, please share the knowledge :)

Without a doubt this lipstick has earned its place into my favourites. It has incredible pigmentation, amazing staying power and it’s super moisturising. I really can’t fault it! I’m sure you’ll be seeing it a lot around here.

What do you think of the Rouge Dior Lipstick range? Do you like ‘Star Fuchsia’? Let me know! :)

Rouge Dior Lipstick in Star Fuchsia #766 | £22.50 Boots – Debenhams – John Lewis – House of Fraser

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