Beauty Box: April Joliebox Review

I know it’s been a while since I posted about a beauty box, partially because everyone and their mother subscribe to them already, but I really like trying out new products and giving you my thoughts on it so I thought I’d review the latest box I got. The April Joliebox contains a mostly skincare products, with one makeup item and a hair spray. Let’s have a little look, shall we?

Balance Me Daily Essentials Cleanse and Smooth Face BalmA cleanser containing antioxidants and gently polishing oatmeal. The 100% natural oil-based balm is ideally suited for normal to dry/sensitive skins. When rubbing it into the skin I could immediately feel the exfoliating and oily texture of this balm. I don’t normally like oily products on my skin, but after washing it out with a damp cloth, as instructed, this product left my skin feeling smooth and silky. I don’t know whether I would have purchased that product in a shop, but I’m glad I got to try it out. The 125ml tube retails for £20 (here).

Tropic Skincare Skin ReviveA cream that firms and nourishes, improving the elasticity of the skin and helping to smooth fine lines. The list of natural ingredients is long, so to mention a few, this cream contains Shea butter, Vitamin E, Calendula, Blueberry and Raspberry. It smells absolutely delicious and I’m looking forward to giving my skin a burst of vitamins before applying my makeup daily! It’s suitable to all skin types, except for very oily skin. The 30ml tube retails for £15.95 (here).

Pure Fiji Exotic Bath and Body OilA multi purpose oil containing a blend of virgin coconut oil and exotic nut extracts that can be used on the body, hair and scalp. The oil is super runny as you can see dripping down my hand on the photo above, and it feels hydrating, but way too greasy for my taste. I bet this would be amazing as a massaging oil! The 85ml bottle retails for £9.50 (here).

Bellápierre Black MascaraA mascara to create thicker and fuller lashes. I had mixed feelings when trying this mascara; on the one hand, it did an amazing job at leghtening and making my lashes look volumised. But on the other hand, it’s so messy to work with! It smudges like crazy, even after I had it on for over half an hour, it managed to smudge. And that’s another downside, it takes forever to dry. I do like how it looks on my lashes, but I can never rely on it when I’m on a hurry. The £10 tube retails for £19.99 (here).

KMS California Freeshape Hot Flex SprayA heat styling spray resistant to humidity with flexible shaping and elastic hold that lasts until the next wash. This looks amazing, but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’ll report back (probably via twitter) on my experiences with it. The 200ml bottle retails for £13.25 (here).

To finish off this month’s Joliebox, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Joliemag! I think it’s a great touch and I every time I see Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) there it makes me smile. I don’t know, some sort of ‘fellow beauty blogger pride’. Silly isn’t it? :)

What do you think of the April Joliebox? What did you get in yours? Will you continue to subscribe? I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’ll wait and see what the April Glossybox brings!

Au revoir!



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