Models Own Hed Kandi Nail Polish Collection (Review)

L-R: Hedonist, Ibiza Mix, Disco Heaven, Beach Party and Balearic Cool

Models Own Hed Kandi Nail Polish Collection, £5 each | BootsModels Own

Models Own has joined forces with Hed Kandi, a UK-based record label famous for their Ibiza pool parties, to create what I describe as one of the most anticipated nail varnish collections so far this year. The entire collection is bright, blingy and full of colour. What’s not to love?!

The collection comprises of 5 nail polishes: Hedonist, Ibiza Mix, Disco Heaven, Beach Party and Balearic Cool. From the start I had my eyes fixed on two of the five shades, but I decided to take advantage of the exclusive £20 6-polish box set offer and got them all. How very extravagant of me, I know. I’m hopeless! Shall we have a look at each polish? :)

Ibiza Mix, £5 | Boots – Models Own

Ibiza Mix is a multi-coloured chunky glitter polish. It looks incredible and it completely lives up to the expectations. I do advise to wear a base coat, preferably a dark one, so the glitter has something to stick to. I applied three coats on my bare nails but it still wasn’t 100% opaque, so I’ll probably try again with a base coat.

Beach Party, £5 | Boots – Models Own

Beach Party is a bright and fun orange colour, which reminds me of sunsets on the beach. Two coats and you achieve the full brightness of this polish. This was my boyfriend’s favourite, so I suppose that gives it some extra points :)

Balearic Cool, £5 | Boots – Models Own

Balearic Cool is an aqua blue colour, which according to Models Own is inspired by the waters of Formentera. Now this is the only disappointment of the collection, in my opinion. It looks gorgeous on the bottle, but it comes out so sheer that not even three coats will give you full coverage.

Hedonist, £5 | Boots – Models Own

Hedonist is a neon coral shade. By far, my favourite of them all! It goes on quite thick and, believe me, you only need one coat for a full matte finish. I think two coats is the ideal amount as it gives the nails a bit more shine. I’m sure this will be one of my most used polishes for Spring and Summer!

Disco Heaven, £5 | Boots – Models Own

Disco Heaven is a clear polish packed with gold micro-glitter. It’s surprisingly good on its own (considering you apply at least 3 coats), but I think this will look fabulous layered over a gold nail varnish for the ultimate golden glittery nails.

All in all, the Hed Kandi collection did not disappoint. The polishes are priced at £5 each, which I think is quite reasonable, and if you want to get all of them, I suggest you go for the £20 6 polish box set offer, which comes with all 5 polishes of the Hed Kandi collection plus a clear polish.

Models Own Hed Kandi Collection is available NOW from selected Boots stores and from the Models Own website, priced at £5 each or £20 for the box set with 6 polishes. It’s currently on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots.

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