New Purchase: Sekonda Two Tone Watch

Sekonda Ladies Event 2 Tone Dress White watch, £39.99 | Amazon

One thing you should know about me is that I have very small wrists, freakishly small! I struggle to buy bracelets and watches because they are always too big. Also, I wasn’t able to jump on the Michael Kors band waggon considering the size of the watches in the collection! The point is, I always buy small watches, because of personal preference, but also because it’s the only style that would suit my tiny wrists.

I got this Sekonda watch when I went to the Lake District a few weeks ago. The shop near where we were staying was having a massive sale on all watches and this watch was £24 down from £33.99. It’s called the Sekonda Ladies Event 2 Tone Dress White watch and it’s made of stainless steel and gold PVD plating to create the gold effect.

I was sold immediately when I saw the little jewel on the face of the watch! Also, because it’s two tone (gold and silver), I can wear it with anything without worrying if I’m wearing silver or gold jewellery to match the watch. Sekonda is a very reputable watch make in the UK and the watch comes with 2 Year Guarantee. As expected I’ll have to remove a few links for the watch to fit me; story of my life!

What do you think of my new watch? Have you ever owned any Sekonda watches?

Sekonda Ladies Event 2 Tone Dress White watch is available from Amazon, priced at £39.99.

Au revoir!


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