Stylfile: Curved Nail File by Tom Pellereau and Lord Sugar

Stylfile Emergency Nail File, £4.49

Last year, The Apprentice UK saw inventor Tom Pellereau win over the whole nation’s attention when he was crowned the winner of the show and secured a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar. During the show, Tom announced he had invented the first curved nail file, but it wasn’t until last week I spotted Mr. Pellereau’s clever invention in Sainsbury’s.

Stylfile is a nail file with an ‘S curve’ that follows the natural shape of the nails, filing and shaping them all in one step. The classic S-file Stylfile is much bigger, but I thought I’d go for the ‘Emergency File’, which is a mini-version of S-buffer stylfile, and it comes with a keyring case to prevent the file from scratching delicate items.

The keyring case cleverly secures the nail file in place, even when I bounced it up and down a couple of times to see if the file would fall out, it stayed put. It’s also loose enough to not damage the nail file.

You’re probably wondering: Does it actually work or is it more of a cute little gadget that you like the looks of but never reaches out for it? And the answer is: Yes, it DOES work! The nail file reduced my nail filing time by half because I no longer have to worry about precisely shaping the edges of my nails. It creates a subtle round shape around the sides of my nails, which is pretty much how I shape my nails with a traditional nail file, but it’s much easier with Stylfile.

After filling the nails, turn to the opposite side of the nail file and buff across the nail bed with the pink side; then rub the white side across the nail to add shine. I must say I’m really impressed with the results and I would definitely recommend getting one of these. I’m considering buying the classic Stylfile as well just to keep it at home, but for now the Emergency File is doing a sterling job!

What do you think of Stylfile, Tom Pellereau and Lord Sugar’s new curved nail file? Would you buy one?

Stylfile Emergency Nail File is available NOW from Sainsbury’s, priced at £4.49. It will also be stocked in Boots from the beginning of May.

Au revoir!



  • beckysmakeup

    I like this idea and anything asked by the Lord himself gets my vote ha. I would probably buy it just to try and its a lot cheaper than I thought it would be so its not too much if you don’t like it. Plus the keyring looks rather cute! x

  • Fi Ballard

    I am definitely buying one of these soon, I love how you can put it on a keyring because I’m always leaving my nail files in places and lose them.
    Thank you for the great review

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