Week in Photos #1

Le Beauty Group Instagram

1. OOTD Neon and Flowers; 2. Clive; 3. Puss having a nap; 4. Models Own Hed Kandi ordered; 5. New Canon remote control; 6. Alike app; 7. Primark neon pink shorts; 8. Radley purses; 9. Primark zebra dress; 10. Sunny day; 11. Natural hair / bare face; 12. Hed Kandi photos; 13. Hed Kandi NOTD; 14. Beefeater; 15. Hedonist NOTD; 16. Opuss app; 17. Another sunny day; 18. Free makeup at the Benefit counter.

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Au revoir!



  • Shortylegsbeauty

    Adorable cat :)
    Our cat is completely crazy now a days… spring is here… well kind off.. and he is acting like every cat is acting during spring.. completely crazy ;)
    I love Models Own nail polishes… I have a bit too much of them and I bought one more the other day ;) OUPS
    Oh well.. they are not that expensive so I don ´t feel too bad about it ;)

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