Classic Nails: Call It A Comeback!

Classic Nails: Call it a ComebackClassic Nails: Call it a Comeback

Nailene French Tip Manicure Pen – Pearl White, £5.25 | Boots

Essie Nail Colour Kisses & Bises, £9.95 | ASOS

Forget neons & pastels. Forget caviar manicure & glitter. Forget Union Jack and all sorts of artistic concoctions. This right here is my current favourite nail combination. Simple, elegant, classic, dainty… and just beautiful!

Before I started blogging, I was a classic nails kind of girl. A bit of pearly white or soft pink nail varnish and I was good to go. But after beauty blogging, the options were just too many to limit myself to those two types of manicure. So I caved and in came glitter, neons, pastels, mattestripy stick-ons, accent nails, Nazilla Love Glamour, Paris Hilton fake nails and so much more!

But recently, I got an Essie nail polish that brought me back to my old ways, and I suddenly realised how much I’ve missed my simple, elegant and classic nails. It’s easy to be attracted to glittery and other unusual types of nails because they stand out and immediately catch the eye; so much so that sometimes, the attention backfires and they can look a bit tacky and out of place.

Classic nails are never out of fashion, they won’t clash with your outfit and they will NEVER let you down. And so I’m back and ready to give the old classic nails a good try. Sometimes with a bit of a twist, adding some sparkle here and there, but still I’m enjoying looking at my nails and saying, ‘Oh that’s just simply beautiful!’.

After that decision, I’m in desperate need of some classic-looking nail varnishes. Suggestions, please, ladies and gents! The more, the better :)

Au revoir!



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