Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Hair Brush (Review)

Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Hair Brush (Lemon Sherbet)Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Hair Brush (Lemon Sherbet)Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Hair Brush (Lemon Sherbet)Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Hair Brush (Lemon Sherbet)

Denman Tutti Frutti Brushes, £7.52 | Denman *

I’m very new to Denman and have heard little about it until recently. But I’m always up for trying something new, so when I first heard about these fragranced hair brushes I immediately thought, why not?!

The Tutti Frutti fragranced hair brushes come in 5 different fragrances: green apple, lemon sherbet, strawberry shortcake and wild dewberry. First, let me state that the brush won’t actually transfer the fragrance onto your hair, so if you have the ‘green apple’ brush, it won’t leave your hair smelling like green apples. Simply put, they’re pretty brushes that smell nice!

Onto the actual brush, the one shown on the photos is ‘Lemon Sherbet’. It does actually smell of lemon and it looks so pretty with all the decorative lemons on the handle and on the back. The bristles are very sturdy and I quite like that because it smooths my hair better than flimsy bristles. There’s also an anti-static rubber pad at the base, which minimises frizz and helps grip the hair when you’re brushing through. The pads are colour co-ordinated with the fragrances, so for the ‘Lemon Sherbet’ brush the pad is bright yellow. Isn’t that cute?

Denman Tutti Frutti Fragranced Hair Brush (Lemon Sherbet)

The lovely people at Denman also included a keyring with a little brush, which I thought was very nice of them. The little brush is so nice and handy to have in my handbag. The bristles are just as sturdy as the traditional brush, but the pad is not fragranced.

The Tutti Frutti brush looks great on my dressing table. But it’s not just a pretty brush, it actually does perform really well and there’s very little breakage of hair with this brush. The gorgeous citrusy smell is definitely a bonus, although it’s hard to convince other non-beauty enthusiasts that you NEED that brush because it’s fragranced. The first thing people ask is, ‘But will it make my hair smell just as good as the brush?‘, and the answer, unfortunately, is no. Some people will like that because it won’t clash with their perfume or whatever, but I would’ve liked it to leave a tiny bit of the smell on my hair :)

What do you think of the Denman Tutti Frutti brushes? Do you think it is indeed a great idea?

Denman Tutti Frutti brushes are available now from Denman online, priced at £7.52.


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